Gritty Mega Man Short Is A Fan's Dream Movie

Gritty Mega Man Short Is A Fan's Dream Movie

Poor Mega Man. Poor, poor Mega Man. Left to rot by Capcom, he lives on these days under an assumed name, and is relevant only to long-suffering, die-hard fans. If that's you though, boy is this a treat.

Loot Crate, sellers of secret nerd stuff, put this short together because their theme for November is video games. It's as good an excuse as any, I guess!


    I don't like how all these die hard Mega Man fans continue to make dark, gritty, epic fan trailers / movies / shorts.

    Mega Man is meant to be fun and campy, like Yattaman or Samurai Pizza Cats. It's like those awesome early morning cartoons we all watched as kids.

    Turning it dark and gritty, that's like having someone take Yoshi or Kirby and turning them into a Michael Bay *Fade to black* BRRRRMMMMMMM trailer.

    The character designs in the original Mega Man are chibi-like, that's why it looks damn weird when you have a full grown men cosplaying as him.

    Get a bunch of 6 year olds, dress them up as Mega Man and the robot masters, and have them running around shooting special effects and blowing up public property.

      It's been a while since i've played the x series (and admittedly only played X1) but don't really recall that being all that fun and campy.

        The presentation of Mega Man X is different from the original Mega Man.

        Mega Man -

        Mega Man X -

        The transition between Mega Man to Mega Man X is like the transition between the original Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

        Play a game that houses the original Mega Man. Best examples are Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man Battle & Chase. They're cute, fun and campy.

    Wasn't expecting that ending...

    ...Just shoot him while his gun charges up...

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