Capcom Abandoned Mega Man. You Saved Him

Capcom Abandoned Mega Man. You Saved Him

The Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9, a new Mega Man game in all but name, just closed. It made so much money that somebody, somewhere at Capcom might be getting fired today.

Initially asking for $US900,000, the project closed earlier today with $US3,845,170 pledged. Toss in nearly $US200,000 in Paypal donations and we’re looking at over $US4 million raised, a phenomenal amount. That doesn’t just make it one of the biggest crowd-sourced games of all time, it makes it one of the biggest crowd-sourced things of all time.

Hitting the $US4 million mark means that the game, originally planned as a PC downloadable, should now be coming out on Mac, PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Vita as well.

It’s only when you see the overwhelming fan reaction to Mighty No. 9, and its director Keiji Inafune, that you realise how poor a job Capcom had done with the series over the years. Retro remakes, MMOs, spin-off games… all people wanted was a new Mega Man game! Like, a proper one!

And now they’re getting one. Kickstarter might have its problems, but today it’s shown it’s also a fantastic way of getting people the games they want, publisher perception be damned.

Mighty No. 9 [Kickstarter]


  • You forgot it will have a Wii U version as well. Also real happy this did so well, looking forward to one day playing it, may even get it on console and handheld if the 3d look good.

    • Yeah looked on the Kickstarter page last time this was mentioned because everything under the sun was mentioned except Wii U. It was there on Kickstarter.

      Strange that they omitted it again.

    • None, it doesn’t actually use the Mega Man licence anywhere, it’s just a similarly themed game.

      • Trademarks? Small blue robotic dude shooting out yellow pellets at increasingly weird alien things, all on a 2D platformer?

        • This is Capcom man, they would have moved on it instantly if they had a leg to stand on, which they don’t.
          Remember they basically said that future Mega Man games were canned because fans didn’t do all the work for them (I am not joking) Took reps over a year to reply that the feelings of said dev were not there own and they released a Mega Man picture book. -_-
          I don’t dislike Capcom, but geez thay make it hard to like them at the best of times

          I will say, if we get Mega Man Legends 3 out of Capcom’s guaranteed back flip I will be happy.

        • It’s been tried years before w/ SNK – Art of Fighting vs SF. Capcom tried to sue SNK for character likeness such as Ryo and the control schemes such as D,DF,F + P motion for a fireball attack.

          Judge ruled in favour of SNK. While the characters/names are in likeness their not the same characters. At the same time Capcom had no monopoly on “control schemes”. The same way MNo.9 can’t be sued as a run and gun/platformer game as the genre has been around for ages now.

  • I’ve only played Mega Man Battle Network 4 & 5 on a GBA emulator back in high school (which I loved), but this game looked so good I just had to back it.

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