Here’s The Attack On Titan Movie’s Cast, In Costume

Here’s The Attack On Titan Movie’s Cast, In Costume

So, a live-action Attack on Titan movie is being made in Japan. And in case the spot where it’s being filmed wasn’t enough of a hint, these new posters revealing the cast in costume show it won’t be set in the manga/anime’s medieval-ish world.

Instead, it appears to be set in a more modern post-apocalyptic location. Which would be a pretty drastic change, I guess, but then these costumes are also pretty authentic (RPGs aside) to the source material, so who knows what’s going on.

The movie stars Miura Haruma as Eren, Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa, Shu Watanabe as Fukushi, Ayame Misaki as Hiana, and Rina Takeda as Lil (those last three being new characters, maybe because the cast is all-Japanese instead of the manga/anime’s more international lineup).

実写版「進撃の巨人」劇中ビジュアル初公開!原作・諫山創が太鼓判 [Eiga, via Tokusatsu Network]


  • Wouldn’t these guys be irrelevant in modern times? Surely a few well equipped apache choppers would make short work of titans.

  • Seeing as a titan only goes down if there is sufficient damage done to a relatively small area of it’s body (the nape of the neck), most modern weaponry would be ineffective. It’s not a matter of the apache being well equipped, it’s the matter of it accurately hitting a very small target with sufficient penetration to destroy it, while said target is moving around faster than an object their size should be able to and trying to swat you down or leaping at you.

    Most modern weaponry either kills you via blood loss, concussive damage, shock, or severing vital organs, all of which is worthless against a Titan if you don’t cut deep enough as they can regenerate their entire head in two minutes.

    • While I’m willing to accept that for the purpose of the show, like I’m willing to accept that people don’t just shoot Batman, it’s not a great reason for why the Titans are so hard to kill. It’s like how ‘only a headshot kills a zombie’ assumes that no other damage can be in the least bit effective.
      Even with the shows limited technology Titans don’t seem like they’d be that much of a problem.

      • Well to take each example:

        * Batman does get shot at a lot, half the reason of the cape is to obscure his outline in the dark so he’s harder to hit, and the Bat-symbol on his chest is designed to draw people’s attentions and their aim to his chest, which is heavily armoured for that purpose.
        * The issue isn’t effectiveness, it’s practicality. Headshots are very hard to pull off, which is why all military and police training is for centre of mass. There are plenty of ways other damage can be effective, but it’s a matter of how practical it is. Blowing off a Zombies legs will cripple it’s movement and make it easy to finish off with a knife, but in any decent zombie story supplies are your biggest problem.
        * As for the level of technology, you’re overlooking the fact that Titans move faster than objects their side should be able to and are constantly trying to kill all humans. The technology is there, but it’s still a matter of doing enough damage to a small, constantly moving target that is connected to a larger one that is actively trying to kill you.

        • On the Batman point that’s just what the comic tells you. It’s cool to think about but he still comes up against thug after thug that can’t shoot straight. It also ignores that his exposed face also draws the attention of snipers and ‘heavy armor’ doesn’t let him walk into oncoming enemy fire without even blinking. It helps suspend disbelief and justifies why a guy who dresses like a ninja has a big yellow logo on his chest, but ultimately it’s like every time he beats the crap out of Superman because Superman failed to think ‘hmm, maybe the brilliant tactician who I respect most out of my peers even though he lacks any super powers might try and use one of my many weaknesses against me’.
          On the zombie point people don’t just stand there while a zombie gets back up. A zombie with no complete bones in it’s legs can’t stand. There’s a reason why 99% of humanity get turned in the opening montage and then the remaining 1% survive with nothing but basic reasoning skills and improvised weapons.
          On the Titans, I’ll admit that part of this is because it’s anime based on manga, but the Titans aren’t that fast and they aren’t that scary. You keep saying they move faster than things their size are meant to but that only really works if you’ve never heard of a Titan before. If I go back to the days of horses and carts in a Jeep that’s going to be shocking to the locals, but they’ve not going to stand there awestruck in front of my Jeep while I run them down. Especially not if I’ve been doing it their entire life.
          Give me their city, their resources, their technology and 20 years and I’ll kill all the Titans. As someone who spent years working on automated industrial systems I’ve had more complicated challenges than ‘cut neck, have party’. =P

          I’m not saying this sort of stuff is bad, we’re talking about fantasy so a flawed concept can be just as powerful and a flawless one, it’s just a pretty weak line of justification.

    • Yes, but if you hurl a big enough explosive somewhere near that weak spot (or the explosive is big enough to blow the entire thing up) the nape is critically damaged and presto no magical regeneration.

      • A UAV style drone would be just as useless fighting Titans as a modern aircraft fighting World War I era planes; it simply moves so fast that it can’t target the much slower aircraft and will always overshoot it.

        A smaller drone could hit it IF the Titan stood perfectly still and took no actions to defend itself, which of course would never happen. You could maybe catch them off guard at night when they’re dormant, but then you have the issues of actually finding the weak point in the target and questions about wether or not they could wake up.

        • And yet fighter jets and drones can hit comparatively slow moving ground targets like tanks or other ground vehicles, so…

          • Using explosives so they don’t need a direct hit against close to the ground targets. Great against humans who are very squishy, not so great when anything that doesn’t pierce the neck is worthless.

  • I dunno how I feel about this.

    The comedy anime/manga turned live action like Yatterman, Ouran Highschool Host Club, City Hunter, etc, got away with being entertaining because they’re overly wacky, fun, and campy.

    But I’ve never seen an action/drama anime/manga turned live action. I’m curious to see how it plays out.

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