Images Of The New Game Of Thrones Game (Probably) Leak

Images Of The New Game Of Thrones Game (Probably) Leak

Poor Game of Thrones hasn’t had the best of luck with video games so far, but people are way more optimistic about Telltale’s (The Walking Dead) upcoming take on the franchise. Over the weekend these images, reportedly of the as-yet-unseen game, appear to have leaked. As you can see, Cersei is not impressed.

They weren’t released by Telltale (looks like they were first released by this XBLA-focused Twitter account), so there’s always the possibility they’re fake, but given the art style (and how they look like they were captured from a trailer), it’s more likely we’re just getting an early look at the project.

While the game puts you in the shoes of a new character in a minor house, going by number of familiar faces here it looks like you’ll be running into just about everyone who’s been in the TV and is still alive.


  • Ooooh I hope these are real! I was hoping it would be focused on the actual characters, rather than some add ons like that other game.

    • I think they announced (early on) that while you would be playing as new characters there were actors from the series involved in voicing their characters for the game. These screenshots seem to fit that.

    • Apparently your character is from House Forrster: established in lore but very barebones on the details so Telltale can take some liberties with the details.

      From what they were saying in the GoT subreddit earlier, the game will mostly take place starting just before the end of season 3 and throughout the events of season 4. Presumably the end of the game (chapter 6), if it does go into season 5 territory, will probably come out around the same time season 5 of the TV show does. I really hope they have a monthly release schedule rather thanevery two months like season 1 of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

  • IMO, the 2012 RPG was actually very good. The sub-par (for the time) graphics and questionable voice acting didn’t get the game off to a good start but once you’re a couple of hours in and have adjusted your expectations it’s a very strong and engaging story. I highly recommend it.

    But you’re right, I’m much more highly looking forward to the Telltale adventure.

  • Really wish another developer was making this game. I found the walking dead pretty crap and it appears this may be the same click this, click that kinda game.

    • If another developer was making it then it wouldn’t be “this game”. Being a Telltale game, it will be a game that “tells a tale”, focused on narrative rather than gameplay. All their games are based on the adventure style of “click this click that” with very little action at all.
      An action game by its nature would be a very different experience and most likely tell a very different story.

  • Seems entirely unfair you’re basing everything off the style of input and not the complexity of circumstance the game explores and that you missed the point entirely. Don’t blame the game, you just didn’t like it.

  • Really hope there’s a lot of rhythm-based sex minigames, starting with pounding out a beat on Cersei’s ass and making an honest woman out of Sansa.

  • Is it wrong that the only thing I could think of when I read the word “leak” was Jennifer Lawrence?

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