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I'm a staunch defender of Telltale's The Walking Dead's less popular second season. It served as a sort of zombie bildungsroman for Clementine, a coming of age story after the end. But for all the season's strong character beats, it lacked a sense of forward momentum. The third season, A New Frontier, breathes some much-needed energy into the esteemed adventure series.


The reveal of Minecraft: Story Mode was met with a lot of internet scepticism in 2014 — could a narrative-driven take could even work for such an open-ended exploration game? I've played through the first episode of the new series, and can say with confidence that yes, actually, a story fits Minecraft pretty damn well.


It is a truth universally acknowledged but little examined that Telltale's games have issues. The studio rose to prominence with 2012's Game of the Year-worthy The Walking Dead adventure game. Since then, their games, wonderful in many ways as they may be, have been accompanied by an undercurrent of fan anger. Each subsequent notch in their belt — a good review here, an award nomination there, a new licensing deal over there — has carried with it echoes of unhappy players, people who are upset over buggy games, erased saves and purchases that won't carry through.