Even Car Horns Can't Ruin Game Of Thrones' Intro

Not Even Car Horns Can Ruin Game Of Thrones' Intro Music

You thought the Grand Theft Auto car horn orchestra's take on classic horror movie Halloweenwas good? You know nothing.

Yeah, it's kind of a cliche to play the Game of Thrones theme on... anything at this point, but I'll make an exception for cars and guns singing together in glorious harmony. No, it doesn't have the amazing spoooooooooooky camera zooms of the Halloween video, but the song itself is more elaborate.

As a bonus, the same people also recreated the endlessly iconic Game of Thrones opening sequence in Grand Theft Auto V a while back. Here is that:

OK, can the car horn orchestra do Cowboy Bebop's opening theme next? And then maybe just, like, a few sessions of improv jazz? And then go on tour? Yeah, that would be cool.


    Nothing gamers come up with even remotely shocks me any more. #toomuchtime

    Last edited 06/11/14 8:31 am

    the horns remind me of the horns in the age of empires 2 menu music.

    someone should get on that.

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