Rocket Raccoon And Groot Are One In Marvel Puzzle Quest

Rocket Raccoon And Groot Are One In Marvel Puzzle Quest

How close are the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket Raccoon and Groot? So close that they count as one character in their big Marvel Puzzle Quest debut.

With D3Publisher so up on adding Marvel characters to their popular puzzle RPG they have already got the new female Thor in the mix, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the Guardians of the Galaxy to make an appearance. The movie’s two most popular characters team up in November 26th’s episode, “Meet Rocket & Groot”, with a versus tournament featuring the pair schedule two days later.

The duo provides a nice mix of healing and assault to players’ teams, freeing up a space for another upcoming Guardians character, the green-skinned Gamora. She’ll be a reward in the second running of the Rocket and Groot episode, which kicks off December 1.

Having recently upgraded to an iPad Air 2 without backing up my data, I’m playing the damn game all over again. Hopefully I’ll be able to secure the pair of heroes without spending any money on premium hero picks.


  • Just started this event. I have a feeling though there will be a bit of competish, like when deadpool came out…

    They really need to stop releasing so many characters, though. Alot of them are kinda duds…

    • Many rather disappointing characters indeed! Quite a lot of unexpected powerhouses too. Rather annoying at times.

  • If been playing this game every day for over a year. But now I’m kinda burnt out. I wish there was a way to sell accounts because I have over 25, 3 star characters, based on how much gold is worth, it’s probably worth about $500

  • ive been playing this game for the lols, dont spend any money just use the gold for roster spaces

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