Star Wars Sandtroopers Do Not Need Nipples

Star Wars Sandtroopers Do Not Need Nipples
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Samurai or not, Sandtroopers don’t have nipples. Well, didn’t. This one does, it seems. Heh.

Here, you can see a photo of an Imperial Sandtrooper figure. The photo was created by Rich Alot from Notice how many things are labelled? Notice how not one of those things is nipples? Er, two of those things.

Yet, as pointed out by Topless Robot, here is the samurai-inspired Sandtrooper from Bandai (photos via Tag Hobby). It clearly has nipples. I’m not saying nipples are bad! I like nipples just fine. Heck, I even have nipples. However, Sandtroopers do not.

Then again, they’re not usually decked out in samurai garb, so artistic nipple licence? And you know what, this figure looks pretty sweet, so whether it really needs these nipples is besides the point.

Cannot unsee.

Samurai Sand Trooper joins the Samurai Darth Vader as part of Bandai’s Movie Realisation line and was recently shown off in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

2014年10月31日-11月2日 TAMASHII NATION [email protected]秋葉原 展品: Movie Realisation [Tag Hobby]

Bandai’s Samurai Sandtrooper is My Favourite 6″ Star Wars Figure so far [Topless Robot]

Top photo: via Tag Hobby


  • The overall style suggests an oni inspired design, frequently depicted shirtless. Visible nipples make perfect sense.

    • Makes sense that its based on the Oni what if it wasn’t based on samurai and based Roman or greek bronze armour then the nipples would be fine

      *edit* he’d also have abs instead of protruding ribs

  • Samurai sandtroopers are clearly the Harvey Hardnuts of Imperial storm troopers. On the other hand, barbarian mudtroopers just walk around with their junk hanging out because their loose c-words.

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