The Internet Reacts To Mario's Nipples

Gamers knew this morning that they were going to get a ton of Mario. Specifically, Super Mario Odyssey.

What they didn't know they were getting: nipples. Mario nipples.

As the Nintendo Direct continued to play out, it was the image of the iconic plumber, shirtless on the beach that captured everyone's attention.

Of course, everyone fixated on the nipples.

The beach photo also raised questions as to whether still officially has a tattoo, one of the last times Mario showed some skin:

But for the most part, it was Mario's tiny areolas that stole the show.

Nintendo has been weird in 2017. Awesome, for sure, but weird.


    2017 is a fucking weird year.

    We've seen Mario nipples, we know Waluigi is uncircumcised, what's next?

      If you mean it's weird to have that information, sure :) But it's not weird that he's uncircumcised, specifically, unless you're American or Jewish. For the rest of us we would just assume this to be the case.

      ...I think I missed the latter, but also am not sure I want to ask.

        A recent (satire) article that has been doing the rounds.

        Also, shyguys have no gag reflex.

    You'd think Mario would have more chest hair.

      Yeah, I was a lot more surprised by the complete lack of body hair too, to be honest.

    Am I the only one that thinks it would be weird if Mario didn't have them?

      Nope. That would have been far weirder to me too - can only imagine the furore if they'd been omitted.

      On the plus side, at least they're not hairy, but it seems unnatural given his face. Wouldn't have picked Mario to be one for manscaping.

        Well, I imagine the chest hair caused issues when running around in the overalls. Accidental pulled hairs aren't fun =P

    But does he have an anatomically correct butthole?

      not sure about Mario, but Peach does....i have seen the video

    Why aren't people questioning the lack of belly button? Does this mean Mario is a clone, and every time you die in game it just produces another Mario clone?

      His shorts look pretty high, perhaps it's just covered up?

    I really don't get what the big deal is. If he didn't have nipples, people would probably freak out more... What did people expect? I don't get what makes gaming 'news' anymore.

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