We Were All Wrong About Mario's Nipples

Image: Aaronitmar

The world lost its shit last year when Mario emerged from the seas topless, his nipples bare and out there. They were thrilling and new to behold, but it turns out they weren’t as new as everyone thought.

The tirelessly excellent Supper Mario Broth have found that Mario’s nipple debut actually came a year earlier, in 2016, in a game (and form) that nobody gave a shit about:

Look at those lil’ things. One pixel each, the way Mario’s nipples should be.


    We didnt care about his nipples.

    You have a problem Luke.

    Pretty sure after the nipple thing something with his penis was found. I'm not going to google for confirmation at work.

      I think that was Luigi? In Mario tennis or something

        Yeah I think they deduced the size of the characters based on their tennis rackets and then worked out the size of his wang?

    Luke "buzzfeed" Plunkett delivering the groundbreaking journalism we've come to expect.

      Be fair, there were 10 reasons people lost their shit.

      Number 7 will amaze you.

      I guess the Buzzfeed analogy fits: some awesome journalism mixed with fluff

    Honestly, these last few months kotaku has gone so far downhill your half way through the planet on your way to China.

    Also stop deleting my posts for calling you out. It shows how tone deaf you are if you can’t handle criticism without just deleting the comments

    The article is clearly a bit of fun. Chill out you serious Sallys

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