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  • Everybody’s A Little Sus On Why Epic Games Bought Bandcamp

    Everybody’s A Little Sus On Why Epic Games Bought Bandcamp

    The news of Epic Games acquiring Bandcamp confused many, but worried others. Bandcamp, best known as an online music distributor and lorded over as a hub for independent artists and labels, announced on Wednesday that they would be joining Epic Games in a blog post written by CEO Ethan Diamond. The price Epic Games paid…

  • The Internet Reacts To Halo Infinite’s Delay

    The Internet Reacts To Halo Infinite’s Delay

    Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2021, and not having Microsoft’s tentpole franchise to go with a new console naturally has fans shook. The initial reaction from fans had two parts. Firstly, people were fairly welcoming of 343’s decision to delay the franchise to safeguard the wellbeing of their employees. However, the immediate response from…

  • The Internet Reacts To The PlayStation 5

    The future is here, and it has curves. Rather than the V-shaped, UFO monstrosity some expected, the first two revisions of the PlayStation 5 are a two-tone white-on-black shape. It’s a little reminiscent of an Alienware PC, or Astro Bot, and there’s a disc-free version. Naturally, the internet went wild.

  • Faust Is Back In Guilty Gear And The ‘Vore’ Jokes Are Flying

    Arc System Works has been slowly revealing the playable cast for the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive. Last weekend’s instalment of the annual—and aptly-named—Frosty Faustings tournament series hosted to a brand new trailer for Faust, a longstanding figure in the Guilty Gear franchise who’s returning in Strive with an updated look and a penchant for devouring…