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With the support of the Australian Greens and Labor, the Australian Interactive Games Fund will become a reality once more for local developers if there is a change of government. The fund's closure was unanimously criticised by local developers when it was shut down in 2014, so it's no surprise that the prospect of its return was warmly received.


On Sunday night, Channel Nine's 60 Minutes ran a story titled 'Won't Stop, Can't Stop'. "While you're watching 60 Minutes, chances are children all over the country are glued to different screens, playing video games," reporter Tara Brown opened the story with.

The program quickly ventured into the success of Fortnite, saying "it and games like it are so good" that children "are becoming addicted". And almost immediately, fans began offering their take online.

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When you're in a theatre packed with awe-filled gaming fans at an E3 conference, it's easy to be swept away by it all. Especially when that conference is just giving you game after game after world premiere after exclusive after world premiere - over 50 games in total. And not one mention of TV or Sports.

As I sat there with Autumn leaves still falling on my shoulders, and the promise of Cyberpunk 2077 still buzzing in the air, I was left wondering - what did Twitter make of this?


Less than a year after it was formally announced, the team behind screenPLAY announced that the show had been cancelled. It's the second cancellation of a show about video games from a major broadcaster in two years, and as expected, fans have been vocal in their displeasure at Channel Seven's decision.


Overwatch fans have totally fallen for Brigitte Lindholme, the game's latest hero. Fans have known about the character for a while. She was last seen in the November 2017 Overwatch short, "Honor and Glory", and fans were hoping she'd end up as the next hero. They're already making fanart, jokes, and realising they have been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time.


Visceral Games, makers of the Dead Space series, Battlefield: Hardline and an upcoming Star Wars singleplayer adventure, is no more. And while there has been an outpouring of concern for the affected employees and their livelihoods, there's also been a torrent of anger directed at EA.