Give Me All The GameStop Jokes

Give Me All The GameStop Jokes
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I’m not even going to pretend to understand what’s going on with GameStop — I’ll leave that to the excellent reporting of fellow Kotaku writer Ethan Gach. No, as with most things in life, I’m just here for the jokes. And social media has produced no shortage of silliness in response to this absurd situation.

As usual, Hard Drive is right on the money.

Jordan Deeb has the perfect image to accompany the meteoric rise of GameStop stock.

Rob Rousseau has big plans for his shares.

E. Alex Jung speaks for everyone, “everyone” in this situation meaning me.

Lily Simpson uses a quote by the ageless Masahiro Sakurai to encapsulate what Wall Street douchebags are thinking right now.

Mark Finnegan offers a good solution with the ever-useful Bugs Bunny format.

The tables have turned, according to Bubba.

Janel Comeau knows a good opportunity for a Parasite reference when she sees one.

I will never get over this meme, and ditch pony uses it to great effect.

Dan Hernandez still has a vendetta against Electronics Boutique after all these years, and honestly, I can’t really blame him.

I gotta give it up to all the Twitter folks out there. That website might be a never-ending pit of despair, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh it up every once in a while. Keep me from doomscrolling by dropping your favourites in the comments.

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