Which Wii Game Did GameStop Refuse To Accept For A Trade-In?

We just sent our intern to GameStop to trade in a few games (we needed some other games for coverage... and a new PlayStation 3 power cable). GameStop accepted our copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Xbox 360), our copy of WWE All-Stars (Wii) and even our DS copy of Beastly: Frantic Foto (DS). But they wouldn't take the Wii game pictured here.

The clerk at the store said it wasn't in their computer. Insert your own jokes about Wii games below...


    It was in the computer. He just didn't look hard enough.

    Trade in?

    way to support the industry that makes you money you ass-hats.

      What's wrong with trade-ins? They make it easier to buy new games, which IS supporting the industry. It's no different to the car industry, really.

        All New Holden Commodore with DRM!

        When you buy a new car from a dealer, you are able to imprint the key with a finger print, thus helping you keep your car safe and secure, as nobody with a different fingerprint will be able to drive your car!

        Just don't ever get into a situation where you need someone else to drive your car (you've been drinking/you're on the way to the hospital). Also don't ever lose that finger.

    GAME has it under Exerbeat: Gymclass...if its the same...it trades for $18 AUS which is actually not too bad for a wii game that isnt a first party title...

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