Unaired TV Show Is The Most 90s Thing Imaginable

Unaired TV Show Is The Most 90s Thing Imaginable

Remember Nick Arcade? This is the show's unaired pilot episode, filmed in 1991 and featuring a host that wasn't Phil Moore. What it does feature, though, are some amazing haircuts, as well as one of the first public showings of a game called Sonic The Hedgehog.

It's pretty easy to see why host Neil Sherman, the "best-dressed Tetris player in the free world", didn't retain the gig for the actual series. I do, however, want that t-shirt he's wearing, very badly.

The unofficial pilot of Nick Arcade! [Bilaal Smith, via alr1ght @ NeoGAF]


    Reminds me of A*Mazing

      My school actually got a chance to go on, but then they decided no more A*Mazing, instead there'll be a new show called Time Masters.
      It wasn't very good. But I did get to go on it and be on TV.

      Wow, that's something I haven't seen in a long time. Maybe the tape got destroyed since all the old videos came out for one more run a year or two back when I got my parents a VHS -> DVD recorder. Probably for the best.

      That show was so beyond frustrating! You could see those keys/letters but those kids would just run right past them!

      All I wanted through primary school was to be on goddamn A*mazing. Our school went on it every year, but they stopped the year I got to grade 7. I was so mad. Still get angry thinking about it now.

    I've been watching Nick Arcade off and on most days for the last few months now.

    Nick Reboot (look it up!) has really done wonders filling up my nostagia bladder.

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