What Games Do You Want To See Remastered For PS4/Xbox One?

What Games Do You Want To See Remastered For PS4/Xbox One?

In the wake of last night's news that Namco Bandai is remastering Dark Souls II for current-gen systems, I'm curious: What else do you want to see get remade for PS4 and Xbox One?

We've already seen some of 2013's best games — Tomb Raider, GTA V, The Last of Us — take new shape on current-gen platforms. And then there are the obvious candidates that we'll likely see next year: Uncharted trilogy for PS4; Gears of War trilogy for Xbox One. But surely there are some other games we'd all like to see

I have a few proposals. For one, it'd be nice to get HD versions of some PS2-era JRPGs — I'd gladly pay S60 for a collection of Suikoden or Xenosaga games. I'd also love to see a remastered version of South Park: The Stick of Truth, complete with bugfixes and maybe some of that promised (but apparently-ditched) DLC.

But I want to hear your thoughts too — tell us what games you want to see make glorious returns on PS4 and Xbox One (and maybe Wii U?).


    None. It's been a year, time to move on to the current platform instead of holding onto the past.


        Of course. Why keep redoing the same shit over and over when we can move onto new games? Don't we chastise Hollywood for doing this? Why are we not chastising game companies?

          @darth_obvious care to share an opposing viewpoint as to why we should keep living in the former generation of gaming rather than move forward?

            1) Why live in absolutes? Sure, moving forward is good, but there's some great IP that could do well on new gen consoles. Tomb Raider, Last of Us and Metro were all high-quality products to begin with, and certainly didn't suffer from the upgrades they got. They did well in the market too, which shows that people are interested.

            2) Redoing/rehashing is the nature of any art. Nothing is truly new anymore, it's nuance and perspective that make it 'fresh'. The next Avengers movie will still make a billion dollars, despite it being based on characters who've been around for decades and already having a dozen blockbuster Avengers movies before it. Because people love the Avengers, and want more of the story.

            Sure, people chastise, but people also love these games/movies/stories dearly, and want to see more of them, or more like them. Living in absolutes is to deny yourself true variety.

            Thank you, and goodnight :)

            Here's one. I missed out on a lot of these games as I went through a period of not buying much during the 360-PS3 era. Now I own the next-gen consoles, and I never got to experience amazing games like The Last of Us or GTA V, so the remasters are perfect for me to see what I missed out on.

            I also look at it more akin to a Blu-Ray remaster release of classic movies. I eventually went from VHS to DVD, and now I'm transitioning from DVD to blu-ray, but that doesn't mean I still don't want to watch my favorite movies using the latest technology. Do you play a game once and never re-visit it?

          Do we? We get mad when Hollywood reboots classics, but I don't think anyone complained when they put Jurassic Park on DVD. I happily paid for Banjo Kazooie on XBLA because I love the game and the HD version doesn't make my eyes vomit like playing on the N64. They polished it up, added some minor features, remapped the controls to include modern (aka, sane) camera controls and everybody won.
          It's not like Fable Anniversary took funding away from Fable 4. Last of Us Remastered didn't kill any original projects. I'm currently playing Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita. I missed it entirely on it's original platform and now I'm loving it as a handheld game. Where is the harm in that?

          I thought people already were chastising EA, Activision and Ubisoft for releasing the same games over and over again each year. That being said, while solely focussing on remasters and remakes stagnates the industry, there is merit in taking an existing game and re-working it with modern technology and design principles as it can often lead to new discoveries.

          Games are much different from movies, for one movies don't age like games, and when they do we see special effects get a touch up all the time. Technology forever moves forward, and while talking about remastering a game from 2 years ago seems nuts and I fully agree with you about "moving on" persevering a game from 10 years ago to make it playable and fun again while retaining its original feel is valid. not only do graphics age but controls get tighter and more fluid, inventory management has come along way. Even studio's who's first game was on a tight budget could do remastered versions to have their vision fully realized.

          Moving forward and pushing gaming to its limits in graphics, story, sound etc is very important, but so is making sure the true gems don't get lost in time never to be enjoyed again simply because age has not been kind.

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            I don't agree with the idea that movies don't age like games. SFX become more and more convincing in newer movies, we start seeing the faults of the old ones etc. Look at something like The Warriors for instance, great movie, but indicative of its time and place. I know what you're saying but nothing will sway me to the idea that constantly releasing redo's of old games instead of focusing on newer ones, is a good one. Like I said, time to move on.

              Yea I do feel that the transition is taking too long this time around, and while I do enjoy the heck out of playing the last of us remastered, gta 5, even games that have come out on all systems it makes me think... What if they just made the game for new gen and didn't have to make sacrifices for 8 year old consoles.

              I just really want a big company to work with the newer console and push it and blow our minds, the tech is their, the gap might be smaller then it was from xbox/ps2 to 360/3 but its still I gap.

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                Absolutely. Games such as AC Unity graphically speaking, are great. They show you can do something fantastic potentially, you just have to have the drive to do it. I guess as the owner base increases it'll become more likely to happen.

            Well, a special effects touch up is the same as a graphical remaster, essentially.

      I wholeheartedly agree. Its also just a cash grab, and most of the time the "improvements" are negligible. Give us new games dammit!

    They're actually remastering Dark Souls II? YES! THE WAIT IS VINDICATED!!

    I wouldn't mind playing Assassin's Creed 2 with Unity's graphics. The game is looking very old.

      Yea, can you just imagine how Ezio would look with these graphics?


    Wouldn't mind Injustice complete edition for Wii U though. Stupid WB.

    Red Dead Redemption or Gears of War trilogy

      Here, here. I'd love a Gears "collection", all games in one package using the latest engine enhancements. Be able to swap between Gears 1 and 3 maps though the lobby, all game modes and versions. Couldn't imagine it would be hard to do given they're all running the Unreal engine, biggest issue would be licencing from Epic.

      Red Dead....With GTAV's 1st Person View?
      Rockstar can take all my money!

      Fallout NV, Fallout 3 and/or Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

    Am I the only person who has a different idea to what remastered means?

      probably not, remastered does not equal remake.
      an example of both can be found with Resident evil. The playstation version was remade for gamecube, it was then remastered recently for most platforms

    Star Raiders and Necromancer from the Atari 800.

    every time this kind of question comes up, my answer will always be the same:

    Def Jam Fight For New York

    An Uncharted anthology. For sure.
    Bioshock HD wouldn't suck, either.

    twisted metal world tour
    tony hawks 1 and 2
    dino crisis 1 and 2
    resident evil 1 and 2
    you can see where I'm going with all the psone classics.

      Add G-Police & Tenchu and you win my approval.

        Never played g-police but I can't believe I forgot tenchu. I loved the first 2 tenchus. Maybe crash bandicoot and medieval too. Hell just start releasing HD psone remake packs and I'd buy them all.

        Hell yes.... Tenchu and the list is complete

        Go back and play Tenchu now. It needs to be remade. Remastered and it will be terrible, very terrible.

      Get a vita, most of those are available & extremely playable on the smaller screen

        I have one, a bunch of them aren't in australia and the back touch pad replacing the r2 buttons is horrible. I bought my vita for the psone games but found it a let down.

          Should have picked an American account for the bigger selection of games.

          You can customize touch controls, I find it much better to switch ttm to the front.

          That said, you can't customise touch controls for remote play & I just got used to it eventually.

            I already had PAL games, do they work under an american account? The vita has easily been my most un used console purchase ever but that's a different story.

              Nope, they region locked it.

              There's a work around with a second memory card & a US account.

    I just want them to turn the network back on for the DS, I can't update my nook anymore :(

    * Mass Effect Trilogy
    * Gears Of War Trilogy + Judgement
    * Borderlands Trilogy
    * Dead Island 1 + Riptide
    * Bioshock Trilogy

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    Mass Effect Trilogy
    Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy (AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations)
    Uncharted Trilogy
    Final Fantasy 13 trilogy (seeing as they are already rereleasing these games for PC, a PS4/Xbox One remake shouldn't be that hard)

      Wrong Final Fantasy to remaster.

        Though I actually finished the first 2 games in that trilogy, I have to agree.

        A remaster of FF7-9 would be pretty cool. I don't think these have ever been redone properly. (The recent re-releases of FF7 & FF8 on PC seem to have been more or less identical to the original PC releases, updated for compatibility. As someone who bought a PS1 specifically because the PC version of FF7 sucked so badly, I can confidently say there's a lot of room for improvement.)

          Give me VII and IX. The true HD remasters we've been waiting for.

    All the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. Red Dead Redemption (Sequel would be better!). Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Star Wars Battlefront 1&2. GTA: Vice City.

    Why South Park? It looks exactly like the show does. All you'd get is a slightly higher resolution.

    I'm done with remasters. Some of them with the comparison videos, I'll be honest, I can't see much difference when I'm watching them between last gen and current gen. It's not like HD remasters of PS2 games where you can clearly see the difference

      Mainly because there are slowdowns and stutters at least on the 360 version, and glitchy bits.
      A true HD remake would look a bit better, be a lot smoother and hopefully be an all round more polished experience.

    Gamecube games would be nice just coz they're so stupidly expensive. Even a VC release would be enough no need for HD.

      F-Zero GX remastered for Wii U with online multiplayer is one of the few HD re-releases that I would absolutely love to see...

    No remasters, but I'd love a PS1/PS2 emulator app for the PS4.

    Not going to hold my breath...

    Not sure why the Wii U misses out on the love? The Mario Galaxy games need to be remastered for Wii U - those are still SD games, a remaster would actually make a significant difference!

    Other than that, just Red Dead Redemption with first person ala GTA V, and maybe a Gears of War Collection (4 game bundle ala Halo:MCC) would be nice.

      Hells yeah, good call on the Galaxy remakes. Let's go all out, though, and throw all the 3D Marios into one pack, a la The Master Chief Collection. A completely redone 64 and Sunshine, coupled with HD Galaxy 1 & 2.
      Instant purchase.

        This is a ridiculously good idea and I'm not sure why I haven't heard it before.

          Broadly speaking, Nintendo don't seem to do compilations. The only exception I can recall offhand was the 2D SMB compilation released for the anniversary a few years ago. And the Game & Watch titles, I suppose...

          Even the NES remix titles released recently are not actually compilations, but minigames based on original NES games.

          My own cynical view of this is that Nintendo make a business of recycling a small set of core gameplay models, and if they were to compile all the SM Kart games, for example, this would be glaringly obvious... although that's less the case for the 3D Mario games.

    Stick of Truth is buggy? News to me.

    It would've been nice to have a current-gen release, but a remaster? How the hell are they going to remaster the artstyle of the show?

    I want a HD/Remastered release of Ace combat series and Metal Gear Solid series for PS4

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      Full series Fox engine remake would be nice. Especially Snake Eater.

        That would be AMAZING!

          I can't think of a single game that would benefit as much from a total remake as Snake Eater would.

    None. PC master race.

    Mass effect trilogy. Only reason I still have my 360 hooked up to my tv is because I play through those games still.

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