Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Retail Listings For PS4, Xbox One And Switch Have Leaked

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Retail Listings For PS4, Xbox One And Switch Have Leaked
Mass Effect could be back, baby.

Portugese retail website GamingReplay appears to have finally confirmed one of gaming’s worst kept secrets. The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is one of the most highly anticipated games yet to be announced for the current console generation. There’s been whispers and rumours of this remaster for months, with fans of the franchise frequently taking to social media to voice their desire for the game.Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Retail Listings for ps4, Xbox One and Switch Have Been Leaked

Now, it looks like the game has been confirmed to be on the way.

Twitter user @Nibellion first spotted the leak, pointing out retail website GamingReplay featured placeholder retail listings for the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While the listings have since been taken down, Google has cached the original web pages and you can still view them via a quick search.

GamingReplay is a reputable retailer with a strong social media presence, so there’s no reason to think these listings are deliberately fake or misleading. The speed at which the listings were taken down is also worth noting.

All listings documented use default cover art from the original Mass Effect Trilogy games on last generation consoles. Still, it’s not hard to assume this retail listing is legitimate. A Mass Effect remaster for modern consoles has been talked about for several months with an October release date often speculated. They’re all critically lauded games and have deep, passionate fanbases backing them — so it’s certainly not a surprising to hear they’re set for a grand return.

While EA have yet to confirm the legitimacy of this major leak, it’s fairly safe to say even if these listings are false, Mass Effect still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Porting the original trilogy to consoles (particularly the Switch) would be a fantastic move for hyping up future Mass Effect releases and reinvigorating a trilogy often considered one of the best in gaming.

With a new Nintendo Switch Partner Showcase debuting on Friday at 12 p.m. AEST we may even see the Remastered Trilogy make a cameo appearance sooner, rather than later.

It’s about time for Mass Effect to make its grand return.

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    I already have the trilogy on PC, stoked to see it coming to the Switch though. It might be the first release since Hollow Knight I buy for both PC and Switch. Nice to see it might be cheaper on the Switch too, though I’m confused as to why it would be given the cost of cartridges as opposed to BluRays.

    I’ve heard (for me) unfortunate rumours that the first game’s optional and largely empty planets (which I adored) might have been cut entirely and the inventory / loot system “improved” (ruined) to match those of 2 and 3 though, which does dampen my enthusiasm, but if that’s the case it’ll still be fine on the Switch and mods can bring the base games up to visual parity on PC for me.

    My dream of Mass Effect’s story, characters and exploration remade with Andromeda’s visuals and gameplay won’t come true, but I’m still stoked to see this remastered trilogy sort of soft confirmed. Hopefully there’ll be a real confirmation soon.

    • Potentially might be cheaper because Nintendo likes to put alot of extras as DLC only they require you to download before you play, so the cartridge wont be full. (see bioshock and borderlands packs)
      Potentially anyway.

    • haha the largely empty planets. i wouldnt go as far as to say i adore them, but every time i do a play through i do 100% clear every playable planet. im not sure exactly why. there is little benefit apart from some XP and gear, and the mako is a bitch to drive over the poorly smoothed terrain. not to mention i clear them by following a guide to show me exactly where everything is and then use console commands to increase the game speed 10x to travel around much faster. sense of achievement i guess?
      what id like to see from a remaster is for them to leave each game essentially as it is, port them all over to UE4 so it runs better on modern hardware and fix any outstanding bugs (i seem to recall in the first game at least a few areas where you can soft lock the game).

      but at the end of the day ive already got the 3 games modded on PC with high res texture packs, so im sure the remaster will still be a step down from what i already have.

      • Yeah, that’d be my preference for the remasters too – at least if everything preserved except for the visuals, gunplay, movement and driving to be taken from Andromeda was off the table, which to be fair almost certainly would be far too much work.

        For me the empty planets was a scope and scale sort of thing – it added to the narrative that sure you’ve got these big, colonised worlds, but then a bunch of basically empty ones with a few pirates living in pre-fab bases you’ve seen hundreds of times before – all of the nice planets are taken and terraformed, all the rest are barren and empty. That and the absolutely amazing skyboxes. I think they’re still better looking than any other skybox I’ve come across (though ME3 and Andromeda had some excellent ones too).

        Aside from that the real tragedy if they cut out the empty optional planets will be either the lack of the excitement finding the space cows brought if they’re still included on a regular story mission, or their absence if they’re cut alongside the optional planets. If either is the case I’ll never be able to talk about the ‘shifty looking cow’ with new players, and that’s just gutting.

  • Now ill have to decide between PS4 which will probably have the best visuals of the 3 that MAY get a free upgrade to the PS5, OR the switch which will allow me to play these bad boys wherever i want, even though 99/100 i play with it docked.

  • Since I’ve never played any of these, this would be a great addition to the Switch library! I’m loving getting all these games I missed from other consoles.

    • Oh man, I kind of envy you. If they’re coming with all the DLC and many of the post-launch QoL improvements and you’ve never played them… you’re in for a great ride.

      Just really good Space Opera of the kind that doesn’t get done by anyone except… hm. It just doesn’t get done like this at all. It’s a one-of-a-kind franchise.

    • from consoles? dont belittle the mass effect series that way by referring to it as a console game. disgusting. its the best trilogy to ever exist and you will do it a disservice by playing it on a switch. pathetic.

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