X-Men: Days Of Future Past Sure Had Some Messy Time Travel

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Sure Had Some Messy Time Travel

Sure, X-Men: Days of Future Past threw more X-Men into a movie than ever before and helped people forget about the abomination that is X-Men 3. But is it perfect? Far from it. Spoilers, for those of y’all who haven’t seen the movie yet.

The CinemaSins breakdown of director Bryan Singer’s return to the X-Men film franchise points out a lot of the movie’s plot holes in the usual snarky fashion. Frankly, whenever you’ve got as much super-science and time travel going on as in DOFP, the logic’s going to break down at some point. Or, erm, at a lot of points.

It’s good thing that it’s a good-looking movie filled with all sorts of fan service, huh?


  • Still don’t understand why so many are quick to write off X-Men 3 as “an abomination”.

    It had one of the best casting decisions ever – Kelsey Grammer as Beast.

    The whole Jean killing Cyclops and Xavier – so what? In the comics Cyclops killed Xavier. The X-Men movies have all seen major characters killed. X-Men 3 was just another typical comic book story which is what has made all the X-Men movies so enjoyable.

    • How about shocking acting, cringe worthy dialogue and characters seemingly acting against their established motives.

    • Terribly paced plot, Cyclops written out of the script at the last moment (he was), cheap effects (Juggernaut), weak dialogue, Brett Ratner as a director (terrible director), really, really poor decisions made throughout the movie in general. It was the weakest of the Xmen movies (Wolverine Origins is a side movie… so that sort of doesn’t count as much)

      • Let’s not forget “we don’t all heal as fast as you, wolverine”. I actually laughed out loud in the cinema.

      • *quickly looks up what other movies that Ratner has directed*

        Ahh yep. Yep. The same brain who brought us Movie 43 & Hercules…

      • Agreed. On them just cutting Cyclops out, James Marsden must’ve thought it was hilarious when they told him how cheaply they would reintroduce him back into the X-Universe — “So Wolverine changes the future and you’re basically back at the mansion like it’s another day at the office. Got your glasses? Cool, then you’re in character.”

        And just because it boils up out of me whenever anyone mentions X3: how the hell do you have Colossus and Juggernaut in the same movie and not have them duke it out? I mean, that’s pretty much an X-Men matchup staple. But no, instead Vinnie Jones runs into a wall and looks like a dickhead. And I’m sorry, but Colossus doesn’t take cover when someone throws a burning car at him—he pretty much takes that.

        And I know it was for a emotional and dramatic effect, but Wolvie killing Jean was just unnecessary. They already had 2 foreshadowed plot devices that could’ve neutralised (not killed) her: Leech and the power cancelling dart things. All that needs to happen is Shadowcat walks Leech phased out up to Jean and no more Dark Phoenix (since in the movie the DP is an alternate personality that unleashes her full potential, not an alien being). And instead of doing the Fastball Special just for fan service at the start, how about follow the comics and have Colossus throw Wolvie at Jean and stab her with the darts, instead of doing it to Magneto.

        Pfew. I know right, first world problems.

    • See I found X2 boring and kinda gave up on them after that – but Kelsey Grammer as Beast – I have to see that now (Beast was my fave character from the 90s cartoon)

  • Ok, I’ll be the fist to provide the customary post about these sins not even being sins, but geez, this video could be about 3 minutes long if you cut out all of the “sins” that aren’t either funny or actual faults. The dude could save a bunch of time.

    They should rename these videos “cinema casual observations”. It’s like beating a dead Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • that series of videos are truly awful. so nitpicky. so petty. I am really glad I am the type of person who wants to enjoy things despite there flaws, people like those who make these videos make me sick.

    “How it should have ended” however is the opposite. they are clever and funny and despite pointing out flaws sound like they actually (for the most part) like films.

    These idiots sound like they are just trying to be the cleverest people in a room, not realising that even clever people can turn their brain off and have fun.

    • And you sound like you aren’t realising that some people enjoy nitpicking the things that movies do wrong. Those newspapers for example. Yeah you’ll never notice them at the time, but it’s still amusing.

      And it’s not as if they actually dislike the movies they sin, some of the ones they’ve done sins videos for are in their top 1 best movies.

    • I enjoy watching the Sins clips for movies I enjoy watching. Often if confirms my own thoughts that certain plot points, character etc were stupid and or points out others that I missed. It by no means lessens my enjoyment when I rewatch said film. To quote yourself seeing as you think you’re smart.

      These idiots sound like they are just trying to be the cleverest people in a room, not realising that even clever people can turn their brain off and have fun.

      Right back at you.

  • These videos continue to be terrible. And the worst thing isn’t that they count as ‘sins’ stupid nitpicks that aren’t funny, but that they nitpick things that aren’t mistakes and miss the proper nitpicks.

    The last several minutes of this video is unfunny bitching about the time-travel mechanic conveniently changing the future only after the climactic battle has taken place, but it’s established from the start that both timelines will continue until Wolverine is ‘brought back’ into the future, at which point all of history will be adjusted.

    Now you can nitpick that that completely undercuts any sort of narrative tension because we know that history’s been altered so much that there’s no real risk of the ‘Future Past’ future becoming a reality, or that it makes the ‘Future Past’ characters completely expendable and certain to be violently killed so we can later get an emotional reunion, but that’s not what they argue.

    As for real nitpicks, how the hell does Wolverine get his Adamantium skeleton back after losing it in The Wolverine?

    • He didn’t lose it all in the wolverine, his claws just got chopped off, the rest of his skeleton is fine.

      He probably just went to a metal shop and asked them nicely to adamantium plate them for him.

  • Is it just me or are some of these sin videos getting too bloody long, almost as long as the movies themselves!

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