Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like... Um... Grand Theft Auto V?

Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like... Um... Grand Theft Auto V?

Just what on earth is going on in this new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Did they wander into Grand Theft Auto?

That's New Los Angeles, the homebase area in Monolith's upcoming RPG, which will be out for Wii U next year. And the game looks great. Really. The Wii U desperately needs a massive role-playing game like this one, and if it's anything like the first Xenoblade, this will definitely be massive.

Here's the new footage, released during the Nintendo Direct today:


    That looks... pretty dang cool. Weird, but cool.

    Well it makes sense. With the humanoid city crash landing on an alien planet, it's a good contrast between urban residential, which we're all familiar with, and the sprawling alien biomes, which is there for the sake of exploration.

    There's also giant mechs, something that's sorely missing from GTA V.

      Just wait til GTA V hits PC lol... There will be mechs and whatnot within a week

    I really liked Xenoblade Chronicles but they really didnt know when to stop when adding new mechanics, it got to the point where I just didn't care about keeping up

      They've kept enough of the old mechanics that you shouldn't feel lost.

    Goddamn that looks pretty.
    I just hope it's as good or better than Xeno Chronicles.

    So worried about this game. All the things they seem to be emphasizing about it are the things that were ancillary or even contrary to what made Xenoblade such a good JRPG (i.e. the characters and plot)..

    Still bought a Wii U for it though.


      Just go into the game knowing nothing :P

      Remember you didn't really like Xenoblade initially too!

        What I've heard of the soundtrack so far seems great though. They've replaced the group of composers that did Xenoblade with Hiroyuki Sawano who is excellent.

        It sounds like they've been able to swing for some decent vocal talent for the Japanese dialogue at least as well. Hope they keep it dual audio. Hope they actually localize it in the end. Hope it's not a Skyrim clone with a Japanese wrapper.

          Hiroyuki Sawano is probably half the reason why I intend to pick this up. Love his works. Hell this game is probably the reason for me to get a Wii U (along with Bayonetta 2, as I don't really give a damn about Nintendo flagship franchises).

    I just hope they'll have a "Cluckin' Bell" where you can order a "Cluckin' Huge" meal!

      I hear the Cluckin' Bell jingle every time I see that KFC slogan "Stop and smell the chicken"!

    Out of a 1.45 trailer, maybe 5 seconds of the game shown looked like GTAV. And now the whole game looks like GTAV? C'mon, Kotaku!

    If it looks like anything, the vibe I was getting was Monster Hunter.

    Is this a planet where the gravity is less than on earth? Shulk jumping in Xenoblade was nuts but this takes it to another level.

    Was getting keen then I saw the Wii U game pad and got sad that another dev is developing on for Nintendo.

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