Zelda: Majora's Mask Coming To 3DS This Autumn

Zelda: Majora's Mask Coming To 3DS This Spring

After years of teases, it's finally official: Zelda: Majora's Mask is coming to the 3DS this coming autumn .

Nintendo announced the news this afternoon at a Nintendo Direct, promising an upcoming remake in the style of Ocarina of Time 3DS.


    Hooray! Very good news! I never got to play this, but will definitely give it a go when it comes out!


    *throws 3DS through wall*

      Why no?

        Because I love Majora's Mask and think it deserves better. I hated the half-arsed OoT remake we got, that whole "keeping it true to the original" thing they did with the sound seemed ok until hitting the secondary credits where the orchestrated track suddenly made it evident just how much better the whole game would have been if they reworked the soundscape instead of taking the lazy path. Plus you only need to look at all Nintendo's Wii U games (eg Nintendo Land, Pikmin, hell even that early Zelda tech demo) to see how amazing Majora would have looked if they did it on there instead.

        And now that the 3DS version is happening, we'll never get to see it like that. And that makes me angrysad.

          I understand how you feel, but isn't this better than not getting it at all?

            Not really. I mean I already own the game twice, if I want to play it I can just bust out the 64 or the GameCube :P

            Plus I don't really feel inclined to buy multiple copies of the one game anyway. That's why I skipped Wind Waker HD, it didn't really offer anything I didn't already have (imo the original looked way better than that bloom-fest).

              Well, that's fair enough. I haven't got the extra ram so this is a good thing for me

          Also they changed how some things look like the spiritual stones and i reckon the changes were hella ugly but thats just me :)

    3ds or "new" 3ds?

      Doesn't look like it will be locked to the new console only. The end of the launch trailer says "Nintendo 3DS & 2DS" so it will run on the original devices.

        Thanks, can't watch trailers while I'm at work and the article didn't specify.

    I would love this to release on the WiiU. Just develop higher res textures and then drop them down a bit for the 3DS.

    Thought it was a bit early for April Fools.
    Good excuse for me to get a 3DS as I never had the chance to play this game.

    I would have preferred a HD WiiU port, but they had all those OOT character models lying around so it was probably easier to just go with the 3DS again. I'll take it.

      Funny, because isn't that one of the reasons Majora's Mask was even originally made?

        Yeah pretty much, a cheaper way to make a new Zelda game by reusing the assets from the previous one.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Nintendo delivers again.

    Heck I was not going to upgrade to the 'new' 3DS but if their is a Majora Mask themed one I will get it. Either way the game IS a day one purchase.

      I guess with the new system for covers on the New 3DS you'll be able to buy any limited edition Majora's Mask covers they release regardless of whether you actually buy a New 3DS or not.

        XL doesn't support the covers, so the only hope is a 'limited edition' version with decals already applied.

          I still can't figure out why they did it that way. They solved the limited edition decal problem for the regular but not the XL?


    YES. I'd rather pay $50 for a 3DS remake than pay $80 for a Wii-U port. I'm very happy about this. (Unless it's New 3DS only, in which case I won't be nearly as happy)

    Last edited 06/11/14 9:56 am

      I'd rather pay $80 for a proper Wii U remake than $50 for a half-arsed 3DS port like we got with OoT.

      Huff puff.

        For my part, I really liked the OoT port, so I'm happy! :)

          I agree, I really liked the OoT port. I hadn't played the game since I got it on my N64 so it was a welcome upgrade.

    I have never finished ocerina of time. I believe it's an excellent game though. This I have never even played. Chances are I will get this.

    I never got to play this so Im actually REALLY looking forward to this ^_^

      Me either... I rented it and I immediately felt the burn out from playing too much OoT.

    For those who have never played this game before: Just be warned that it is NOT your usual zelda affair (The princess only appears is one flashback, actually) and it actually gets rather dark at times. Plus the groundhog day style 3-day mechanic takes a bit of getting used to

    Biggest question (as has been asked before), current 3DS or NEWWWWWW 3DS only? Please be for the current one, I don't want to have to buy another console :'(

      Looking at the promotional video for the special edition of Majoras Mask its safe to say the current model.

    Am happy about this because Mask of Majora was one of my favourite all time Zelda games & always felt not enough people found out how good it was.

    cool news. I never got to play this before so will be good to see what all the hype is about.

    Can you write in the notebook? Because keeping track of everyone's movements was the hardest thing about this game - I've never finished it on N64

      From memory the Bombers notebook outlined peoples movements once you progressed those certain quest lines? But god, was it such an intricately built and deep game with that 3 day cycle!

    OoT was groundbreaking, but Majora's Mask is superior to OoT in every possible way.

    It must be because every club nintendo product i registered i used to put "BRING MAJORAS MASK TO 3DS". Yep, must have paid off after 50 or so products.


    Awesome news, now all Nintendo need to do is drop $50 off the price and I'll buy it in a heartbeat!

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