Avatars Are People Too

Rae Johnston now works in the Allure Media offices, which is awesome. So you guys don't get the chance to gossip with her every day like I do, but you can check out this newly-uploaded and super-cool talk about gaming and social media she gave at TedX Ultimo.

Random fact: Rae's dad calls video games "bink bonk". I might take that up.

Avatars Are People Too [YouTube]


    TED is like McDonald's now. They're franchising and popping up everywhere. Sure hope they veto all the quacks and plastic shamans this time.

    Rae, you are a fkn LEGEND. I played this video to my godson (who has been bullied rather badly recently) Then told him that theres people like Rae n family like me who will always have his back. I saw him smile for the 1st time in months. Thanks Rae. Best chrissie prez ever.

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