Doctor Who Gets Pixelated For Christmas

Doctor Who Gets Pixelated For Christmas

This week players of the ridiculously reasonable free-to-play mobile puzzler Doctor Who Legacy will get a Christmastime preview of the pixelated stylings of Nathan Skreslet, whose PixelWho art will play a big part in an upcoming in-game adventure. And Who better to usher in this charming 8-bit look than the charming Eight Doctor?

Despite never having appeared in the Doctor Who television series — just the 1996 TV movie, some audio plays and a recent live-action short — or perhaps because of this, the Eight Doctor holds a special place in the hearts of fans. And so it’s heartening to see Paul McGann be the first to undergo an 8-bit metamorphosis in today’s special Advent Calendar promotion level, appropriately titled “The Eighth Doctor is Awesome.”

The first pixelated level for Doctor Who Legacy released yesterday, giving players a chance to unlock pixel costumes for Tenth Doctor companion Martha Jones and the Cthulhu-groupie Ood. Today’s episode concludes with a pair of 8-bit outfits for Doctor Eight.

The pixel push is part of a pre-promotion for the first chapter of “Bigger on the Inside”, an epic story arc launching early next year that celebrates the Doctor’s big blue box. The chapter will feature a complete 8-bit overhaul, courtesy of Nathan Skreslet.

Players will be able to enjoy these first two pixelated levels until the end of the year. Bear in mind that in order to unlock the special pixel costumes for Martha and the Ood, you’ll to have collected both characters in the game. I can’t help with the Ood, but I might have a promo code for Martha somewhere around here (7375-2337-5293-9932).

For those of you unfamiliar, Doctor Who Legacy is a collectible companion puzzler RPG from Tiny Rebel Games. It’s like Puzzle and Dragons, without the obnoxious microtransactions. It’s available free on iOS, Android, Kindle and Facebook.


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