How To 'Ground Pound' And Other New Moves In Halo 5's Multiplayer Beta

Now that the Halo 5 multiplayer is officially in session, you might want to pull off one of those new movement abilities you may have heard of.

You can see them all in action in HaloFollower's video above — with details explaining things like how your shield won't recharge if you're sprinting. But what about their basic controls? How do you pull them off? They're actually pretty easy, and you should start getting the hang of incorporating them into your battle routine if you want to remain competitive.

How To 'Ground Pound' And Other New Moves In Halo 5's Multiplayer Beta

As you can see, a lot of these are contingent on achieving certain states first — usually this involves sprinting at top speed (something you'll know you've hit when your screen flashes) or jumping into the air first.

Ground Pound is especially unique because not only do you have to be in the air — something the description from 343 above doesn't quite communicate clearly — but you also have to, as stated, be in an elevated position, from a high-up platform. So essentially you'll work your way up to a second or so platform, jump into the air, click in on the right stick to aim your Ground Pound and then release it to come crashing down for the kill.

They're incredibly satisfying to pull off and I haven't seen too many people using it in the hour or so I've been playing as of this writing.

We're only on Week 1, so we've got access to Slayer mode and two maps. By the end of the beta we'll have experienced three modes and seven maps. Let us know if you're playing and what you think so far.


    I really liked what I've played so far.

    Switching between it and Halo 3... it's incredible how much slower 3 feels.

    I can't remember if it was in earlier games, but the radar now has the name of which ever area of the map your in above it... which is a nice touch for learning maps, and notifying teammates.
    I like clamber, I'm liking thrusters, I'm using sprint all the damn time... I love that power weapons are back on the map now.
    The teammate call outs (scripted, and performed by NPCs) are, I'm finding, useful.

    I've not used ground pound, or ADS, but I've also not seen them used that much yet either.

    I will say that the first voice I heard on the chat was an adolescent male talking about "... blazing it up wit ma niggers..." so, that's still very much Halo.

    Last edited 20/12/14 6:03 pm

      They put the weapons back on the map? That's great, I really hate the drop system in halo 4, it took heaps of the strategy out of the game.

        The 2 maps playable so far are both about controlling the power weapons (sword on Truth, sniper rifles on Empire).

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