Nintendo Warns Not All Amiibo Will Get A Second Run

Nintendo Warns Not All Amiibo Will Get A Second Run

Following a tweet over the weekend from Canadian game store Video Games Plus indicating the Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Animal Crossing Villager Amiibo figures had been discontinued, Nintendo tells Kotaku that some figures “likely will not return to the market” once their initial shipment sells out.

“Nintendo has officially discontinued Marth, Wii Fit Trainer & Villager amibos. Sorry folks these are gone forever” read the tweet from Video Games Plus, followed by shocked and disbelieving comments. These figures, part of the initial 12-character run of Nintendo’s Amiibo line of interactive toys, were only released a couple of weeks ago. Could they really be discontinued so quickly?

While Nintendo would not comment directly on the discontinuation of the figures, they did offer Kotaku the following statement:

We will aim for certain amiibo to always be available. These will be for our most popular characters like Mario and Link. Due to shelf space constraints, other figures likely will not return to the market once they have sold through their initial shipment.

Nothing concrete, but if I were a collector I’d make sure I got my hands on those three before the prices start to skyrocket.


  • Eh, EB have said they’re getting more of everything from wave 1 when wave 2 lands later this week, so no need to panic in this country yet.

    • EB Games also told me that outside the initial shipment of gamecube controllers they might not be getting any more, and yet they got more stock later on shockingly enough (nevermind JB around the corner had over a dozen just sitting there =.=)

      • Man why the fuck would you lie about this
        that’s not cool

        (and by “you” I mean whoever the article sourced)

        • I’d take Nintendo’s quote (from a few weeks ago, pre-wave 1) to be more to do with retailer habits – they’ll always have popular ones available for immediate resupply, but they may not receive longer term reorders on others if those retailers have to wait.
          Nintendo may also be too busy manufacturing the new ones to refill orders for unprepared retailers for the time being, thus when that Canadian store asked for more and got told no, they then classified it as a complete discontinuation. Everyone may be speaking their own shade of the ‘truth’.

      • If you put together that quote and the one in this article, it seems like a careful PR-y way of saying: “We still have a bunch of those and will keep distributing them as they are demanded, but once our supplies run out no new figures will be created.”

  • This is half the problem with these sorts of things in games (skylanders, initity, etx), sure collectors get their chubby on over these things being rare but it is kids who really want them only for their intended purpose and don’t understand how limited run works, making them want them and putting undue pressure on parents who can’t afford a couple of hundred dollars on a $10 toy to complete the set for their kids.

    • As a collector who only really wants them for their intended purpose I take offence to that! 😛

      • I’m not saying collectors don’t want them or won’t use them for their intended purpose, I just mean kids won’t really care or understand their rarity that much.

        I remember back with Pokémon cards and the “rarity” of the Charizard card, and the squabbles over it because it was worth so much etc when it really wasn’t all that rare nor valuable unless under certain circumstances. It destroys kids friendships and drives parents up the wall.

  • After spending a few hours with smash yesterday I feel that I really need to mess around with some amiibos. Even though they’re useless for any other game, I sorta really want the villager and Wii fit trainer so I can teach them to play as trolls…

    • I wouldn’t say that. The Captain Falcon one will give your Mii in Mario Kart Falcons outfit. Probably as close as we’ll get to a new F-Zero game

      • I meant specifically the villager an trainer have no foreseeable use. I’m already down for a link, samus , and Luigi for their extended functionality.

    • Honestly don’t bother buying any I was quite excited for amiibo and spent an afternoon leveling it up to 50 and at level 50 I kept beating it and it was also still doing moves that I never did once.
      I then got it to vs a level 9 computer in which it tied 3-3 but then lost in the one hit ko thingy after a draw. For $18 I think an amiibo should beat a level 9 almost everytime. The size of them is quite small aswell. Really not worth it.

      • That’s odd, because my amiibos absolutely smash level 9s, my Link can beat two 9s on a team against him.

        • Yeab I fed it everything I had maybe I’m just a terrible trainer. I’ll keep giving more equipment. I was considering resetting it but might just keep at it.

  • I can half agree with this, some are going to be high demand and others are going to be duds, but it still seems a little early.

  • I went shopping on the weekend at one shopping plaza, checked out Big W, Target, EB, JB and K-mart and they all only had Pikachu and Mario, JB had Peach as well.
    But went to a different Big W and they had all but Fox.

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