Some Tips For Taking On Destiny's New Raid, Crota's End

Some Tips For Taking On Destiny's New Raid, Crota's End

Getting through Crota's End isn't easy — but with some key pieces of information, you'll be able to do it in no time.

Here are some pointers by TeftyTeft Games on some of the things you'll have to look out for while playing the new Destiny raid, including:

  • The new 'weight of the darkness,' which limits your movement speed and jump height
  • How some of the weird lamps will cleanse you and allow you to move normally for a period of time — but they will explode on a timer. These lamps can wipe your team out if you're not careful.
  • How you actually build the bridge in the raid — it looks very tricky, since you can either die immediately, or wipe your team if you do the wrong thing.
  • What the two phases of your fight against Crota are, and how to damage Crota.

Another thing worth mentioning is a certain chest that is easy to miss in the raid. Thankfully, Arekkz Gaming break down where to go. And, hey, you can solo this chest too.

And if this isn't enough, make sure to check out this thread on Reddit, where players are chiming in with tips and a guide. Hopefully this helps!

Have you tried the raid yet? Have any tips to share?


    @jackunit13 oh god do we need this m9

      Man I'm so excited. Torn as to whether I want to watch some walkthroughs first or not.

        I haven't watched yet, I've just joined midway through some other peoples games and gee it's tough.

          For the love of god at least read up on the mechanics.
          The "one wrong move and everyone dies" is crutial. There is a heap of "stay here or everyone dies" "hold this or everyone dies" "touch this and everyone dies"
          Spent 5 hours with my mates doing the raid. We are checkpointed at Crota and know how he works.

            Haha I figured that out a few nights ago first hand, I may have held everyone back by being a level 28 trying to do the raid :p I've resolved to at least get myself to level 30 before then. Here's hoping that I do the raid with some folks who know what's up, I'll do whatever they tell me... I need that sweet loot!!!

        Don't! Went in blind last night - it's amazing. Very tough, tho. 3-4 hours got us to the second loot drop, which I think is about half the time it took us to get past the Templar the first time.

    Tried it with some mates last night for about 3 hours. Didn't even get the bridge extended. Damn Hive. "Got contacts all around, they're coming out of the walls! Game over, man game over". Was good fun. Haven't watched any walkthroughs. Our best strategy seemed to be most of the team run as far forward as possible, then have one team member creep along behind them and revive as they go (the Hive seem to ignore the tail-end charlie if they take it slow).

    Tried it out for the first time last night, pretty interesting so far. The lanterns and darkness area isn't too bad, was playing with randoms and was the only one to make it to the circle, created the bridge and ran across to the next area. Hooray for Sunsinger self res.

    Haven't beaten the next area, got two people across the bridge but the blue knights were too much for us, keen to see if I can find another random group who can get further. Had a good time figuring out what to do up to that point.

    No armour or weapon drops yet, just the pumped up energies.

    Last edited 11/12/14 11:36 am

    Does anyone have a summary of what's actually introduced? A new raid, some gear (specifics?)... any new areas to explore?

      Everything you just said! ^ ^ When you buy the DLC you get a new sparrow, there's a weapons buff on new weapons added to the game, The gear allows you to update your light I think up to 33? And there's not really too many new places to explore, there's the Jovian Complex which is attached to Skywatch in the Cosmodrome, and another couple of smaller story missions as well for Xbone users (I think PS4 get a little bit more stuff and an extra strike or two) and the Raid has a lot of new areas too. I've liked it so far, I bought the Season DLC last night which I feel has been vindicated so far.

      Haven't seen you post in a while, hope all is well! :)

        Close, 32* :P
        Agreed with everything you've stated. Can't wait for House of Wolves!

          Lol I went out on a limb there, I haven't seen anyone beyond on 30 yet which is still giving me hope! House of Wolves is due to come out when? Probably a bit greedy of me not even playing an hours worth of the new content but it sounds pretty awesome lol.

            I'm going to go ahead and say 3 months from now. Seeing as Bungie waited 3 months after Vanilla to launch TDB... Hopefully that is what's going to happen ^_^ But no confirmed release date yet.

            Aiming to be 31 at the end of this weekend, everything's looking like it's going to plan ^.^

        All sounds good, I've heard murmors of it all. But I can't find a feature list anywhere! Not even on Destiny website! I just like to see a list of content added or something, so I don't miss out on anything.

        Yeah, I haven't been posting really, been going through a shitty period actually. I'm still in no frame of mind to chat on TAY - maybe soon after new year. :) Have a great Christmas break anyway, in case we don't interact until then!

          I remember reading something on the Destiny App about 2-3 weeks ago with a 'changelist' if you have it, best way to check I suppose is do a strike mission and ask the people playing. Everything I've ever learnt about Destiny is from playing and talking with people really lol.

          Merry Christmas if not before then!

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