One Brave Destiny Player Beat Crota's End, Solo

We've been getting emails about people trying to solo the new Destiny raid ever since it launched. And while people got through bits and pieces of the raid by themselves, nobody managed to beat the entire thing solo. Until now.

Watch in awe as The Legend Himself beats Crota's End without any teammates. The appropriately-named player manages this feat through a combination of stealth — he doesn't always kill enemies he comes across — and skill. While The Legend Himself does die a few times, and even admits he doesn't have a plan for Crota when he gets there, it's still a very entertaining 33 minute watch. It helps that The Legend Himself has a sense of humour about the times he messes up.

The Legend Himself notes that doing something like this is probably impossible at level 31, in case you're going to try to emulate this yourself.

Casually One Manning Crota's End [The Legend Himself]


    so i have to play this game with other people to actually finish it? that worked so well for borderlands where i was focused on the story and the other 3 players had already taken out the next boss...

    I hate this man. I hate him so much that I wish I was him.

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