Bungie Still Hasn't Fixed All Of Destiny's Raid Exploits

Bungie Still Hasn't Fixed All Of Destiny's Raid Exploits

What do you do when cheese expires? You go get some new cheese, of course.

When I re-reviewed Destiny last week, I talked about the narrative that has emerged in this game over the past few months:

  1. Players come up with an exploit.
  2. Bungie patches it.
  3. Players find a new exploit.

Yesterday, Bungie patched a number of popular exploits — or, "cheeses," in player parlance — to Destiny's high-level Crota's End raid. It is now no longer possible to launch oneself through the first section on the blast from a lantern, nor is it possible to complete the bridge section without crossing the bridge. Most notable of all, you can no longer beat Crota by pulling out your LAN cable mid-fight.

Those changes notwithstanding, players are already demonstrating alternate ways to solo the first two sections of the raid.

The Lantern-Leap

For starters, the opening lantern-run can be bypassed in much the same way as before. Instead of being launched by a lantern blast, you can simply… jump to the same spot.

You'll want to have your agility maxed out and a gun with the "lightweight" perk (Murmur, Ice Breaker, etc.). With that all set, go to the usual place where you'd let the lantern launch you, get the lantern to clear off weight of darkness, and do your mightiest double-jump/leap up to the higher area. The rest of the cheese plays out the same as the original method.

User jon doe demonstrates the new jump on YouTube (via Digital Trends):

Players are reporting that the jump is possible with all three classes. I've pulled it off with my Titan so far; I haven't tried it with my Warlock and am still working out the jump with my Hunter. It doesn't seem much more difficult than any other method and, humorously, all the stuff at the end works exactly the same. Goodbye ogre, hello piece of armour! (Hopefully.)

The Solo Bridge-Cross

The patch has made it so that at least one player has to actually cross the bridge during the bridge section in order to complete it. That's not as limiting as it may sound, however. It's still possible to de-spawn thralls on the first side by getting to a high vantage, and only one player has to cross, meaning that it's still possible — though more difficult — to solo the whole thing.

Here, CoconutBraGaming demonstrates the new method:

The raid's two chests are still solo-able, though neither will offer a chance at an exotic weapon. As for soloing The Deathsinger (which now has a loot drop) and Crota himself, well, both are possible, but both will require a bit more skill to pull off.

If you've found any more good exploits for Crota's End, I hope you'll share them below.


    Yeah we found another great exploit for the bridge. What we did is have 1 person stand under each totem and one on the centre plate. We then killed the swordbearer and someone picked it up and went over the bridge and used the sword to kill the gatekeeper. Then we did this 5 more times until we were all on the other side and we then killed the ogres. Not sure if we'll do this exploit again though it really felt like we were cheating.

      These responses are lame. Yeah we get it, you're apparently anti "cheesing" and/or making a joke about how to do it "correctly". No one cares to be honest. I, like many others, have done it legitimately here and there and would rather save time. In fact I did it at level 27 the first week it was out, which was pretty awful for the rest of the team considering in the first sections you do practically no damage and die fast, and in the last section everything is immune to your damage at that level except for grenades and heavy, but we still pulled it off...I still don't care if people cheat it or not.

    Wow. The fact that people are still desperate to cheese this raid appalls me. I have done the whole raid with 2 people with minimal difficulty and no cheese (the first section and the death-singer section we passed on our first try). The first part is SO easy to solo without any cheese. I can almost kill Crota on my own (many others have).

    And I'm nothing special, I'm no pro, I'm a father of 2 and a glorified weekend warrior. Have people really gotten THAT bad that they have to cheese stuff that isn't hard. Destiny isn't the most amazing game, but removing the satisfaction of actually completing a task seems to strip even more away from the experience.

    I suppose gamers just aren't what they used to be.

      When dealing with a long-term progression system, people want to minimise their time investment. Having to repeat content to progress compounds this desire, as does getting repeatedly screwed by the RNG, so when choosing between what is optimal and easy, and what is fun and rewarding, optimality always wins out.

      I went into the raid with a party of 6 and we got creamed at the end of the first section while defending the hold point. I don't claim to be a great player but but clearly there's something I'm missing if there are people who can solo a section that me and five friends can't. Any tips?

        Most of the ones I've seen do it by taking advantage of (including discovering then telling everyone about) exploits. Much like speed-running that makes use of hacks, glitches, bugs, exploits, I suddenly become a LOT less impressed and tend to ignore them, because there's nothing I can learn there about how to be better at playing normally.

        It's not about exploits or glitches, it's about outsmarting the encounter.

        I imagine your first attempt was like my team. You all stood on the plate while the bridge formed and faced legions of thrall and threw every super, grenade and rocket you had, hoping to brute force your way to victory. But this is a brains over brawn encounter. It's about working smarter, not harder.

        Firstly, you don't have to stand on the plate for the bridge to form, the plate just activates the timer. Then you've gotta survive a minute or so.

        Secondly, with the exception of the two ogres, every enemy is a melee enemy. If you just stand on a rock, like the one of the two near the last lamp, nothing can touch you. Just snipe the ogres from there and profit.

        There's loads of other tactics. Fan out, thin the numbers, don't all stand on the one point. Use explosive rounds to kill the thrall bunched together, walk back on to the lip of the bridge and funnel the enemies into a kill box. Throw a bubble shield that stuns enemies right in front of the lip and watch every enemy just stand in it, confused, while you dance. If you're a hunter, just go invisible through crounching/blink strike/super 5 or 6 times ad the bridge will form.

        There's many legit tactics for that bit.

        Here's a vid of my mate and I doing Crota, legit, on our own. It's VERY sloppy, but not hard.

        You just gotta think.


        Last edited 14/01/15 7:02 pm

      How to you do the bridge part with two people and without cheesing? Don't you need three to do that part "legit"? One to stand on the platform and two on each totem?

        No, just repeat the same way you would do it solo. You can do it without de spawning enemies, it's just much easier if you do. Activate the bridge plate (I use my hunter and stay invisible so I font draw attention while I open it) and the other person focuses only on the Swordbearer. The bridge opens based on how long you're on the plate and you're only wiped when there's someone on the plate without people on each totem. However, the bridge de spawns more slowly than the totems trigger so when annihilate is about to kill you, step off the bridge plate for a second. Get back on and it will continue to form. Keep the Swordbearer at low health and as soon as it's formed kill him and one person runs across. To get the other person over (I always go first) hide somewhere and use a sniper (icebreaker preferred) to kill the Swordbearer. Let the other person keep the bridge open and hold off thralls and the occasional Acolyte. Once it's formed and the Swordbearer is down, they grab the sword and run across. The bridge will be deconstructing as they go so a little over halfway they need to double jump and sword slash the rest of the way across. Then it's a matter of simply surviving long enough to kill the ogres after they spawn.

    That's because Craptivi$ion won't make money from fixing things, they will by shoving a sequel to that piece of shit out the door.

    Whilst I think it's hilarious that people can still cheese the raid so soon after it's been patched, my team and I would rather do it legit. We've only run it twice, but we got exponentially better on the second run.

    I'd rather spend the 20mintues or so soloing it by cheesing then spend 5-20 minutes on r/Fireteams looking for a raid group to do it, only need to look for one for crota and now for that wizard chick.

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