Stephen And Kirk Are Getting Back Into Sunset Overdrive

Stephen And Kirk Are Getting Back Into Sunset Overdrive
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There was a time when Kirk and I really weren’t into the often-grating, tonally-annoying Sunset Overdrive. But substance wins over style and, what do you know? We’re both fans now.

We had this chat a day ago. Then I played the game more last night and now like it even more. And to think this game really annoyed me when I first played it in October. It may make a poor first impression for some of us, but the more you play, the more you unlock better weapons, upgrades and movement options — the more you learn how to chain a rail-grind to an awning-bounce to… skidding across a river… all while juggling weapons to shoot hundreds of monsters… it’s just so fun! Plus, I’ve got a gun that now leaves flowers wherever its ammo hits.


  • I really liked it. I found the humour to be pretty well written though and didn’t annoy me even though I expected it to from the trailers.

    • The only real weak point for me was the base defense stuff… it just didn’t work.
      Thank god you only have to do that a scant few times.

  • The humour just grated on me from the get go, I might have gone back to it, but I returned my console after the Master Chief Collection debacle. I might give it another go if it makes it to another platform.

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