The Most Tweeted About Video Games Of 2014 In Australia

The cool thing about Twitter is the way you can shape it to have conversations about things you care about specifically and, if you're anything like me, that thing tends to be video games. We're not alone. Turns out plenty of people were using Twitter to talk about video games.

But what did we talk about most? Well, Twitter Australia recently took to its blog to talk about the most tweeted about topics of the year. We took that opportunity to ask what the most tweeted about video games were. It's an interesting list.

1. Call of duty 2. GTA V 3 Battlefield 4 4. Titanfall 5. FIFA 15 6. Watch Dogs 7. The Last of Us 8. Mario Kart 9. Assassin's Creed 10. Infamous: Second Son 11. Super Smash Bros 12. Dark Souls 13. Destiny 14. Dragon Age 15. Diablo 3 16. Elder Scrolls 17. Alien: Isolation 18. Wolfenstein 19. The Evil Within 20. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

It's interesting how they've worked the list. Really, it's less a list of games, more a list of video game franchises. Regardless, I reckon I must be responsible for at least 20% of those Dark Souls tweets. No doubt in my mind.

Additionally, Twitter Australia also sent us the list of the most talked about game consoles.

1. PS4 2. XBox One 3. Nintendo 4. PS3 5. Nintendo 3ds 6. x=XBox 360 7. Nintendo wii 8. Steam 9. Nintendo Wii U

Seems like the Twitterverse isn't the biggest fan of the Wii U.


    Poor old Wii U, just can't catch a break. At least Smash Bro's and Mario Kart are being talked about :)

      It's because all the Big N fans use Miiverse. ;)

      Youre assuming all the chats are positive...

        From what I've read, most things regarding Smash Bro's and Mario Kart have been positive. The Wii U however? Not so much.

        Any of you guys played Smash Bro's yet?

          What I meant was that most of the conversations for most tweeted games for 2014 might not have been positive. After all, BF4 is up there and BF4 did not have a good start

            I know exactly what you meant. I am wondering if Smash Bro's is any good. Hence the question :)

              Smash Bros is very good; just cant find a character to main cause I like too many of them

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