There's A New Playable Character Somewhere In This Witcher 3 Trailer

Video: Geralt isn't the only playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There's another one in this video. CD Projekt Red just isn't saying which one. Reps from the developer teased the new playable character on stage at the Game Awards prior to showing this latest trailer, in which a white-haired woman I desperately hope is the character they are teasing does a lot of very cool things.

Is she playable, or just a red herring?


    Party system and change on the fly battle like dragon age?

    Is the white haired woman Yennifer?

    A white haired woman = Ciri, Geralt & Yennefer's adopted daughter.

    It's a bloody shame that Gollancz hasn't seen fit to publish the entire series of books in English yet.

      And not likely to happen any time soon, by the sounds of things.

        At least the fans have made pretty good translations of them.

          They have started publishing them in English over the past few months. I saw them on eBay recently. I think the first five are currently available, iirc. Search " Sapkowski" on eBay and they will come up.

            Yeah, I've got the published ones (4 currently, I think, unless I've missed the most recent one).

            Problem is, they switched translators so the first two are by one person and the second two by another, and the difference is day and night (that is - the second translator is very bad). The most recent versions don't capture the dry humour of the series and are quite literal.

            The fan translations are from numerous sources (Polish, German, Spanish) and have been tidied up quite a bit now, and IMHO are quite a bit better than the published versions. Can't really print them out & put them in my bookshelf though ;)

    I wonder if it will be a playable character for a short amount of time or if you can actually choose at the start who to play as and the story plays out differently to represent it. Wishful thinking on the last one I think.

    Can't wait!

    With the quality of action RPG's being so high of late (I'm looking @ you Dragon Age), it's an exciting time to be playing this genre of video games. For console gamer's, the newly acquired power of the PS4 and Xbone is helping to render some stunning worlds.

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