When A Talented Minecraft Player Searches 'Modern House' And Rebuilds The Result

This is what happens when a talented Minecraft player Google image searches "modern house" and rebuilds what he finds in-game. I'd say redditor ELWORRIER did a darn good job. Look below for the full comparison pic, and an imgur album filled with more exterior and interior shots.

[Copied] Modern House [r/minecraft]


    Can I just ask......why? Seems like, I don't know, there is plenty of other things to do with your time.

      Like wasting your time commenting on other people "wasting" their time?

      much sense make!

      Like comment on internet articles. It's like fun is subjective or something, at least me and ferret have the same idea, work 24/7 because time is precious and video games are a waste of time.

      I wonder if the minecraft dude will ever stop wasting his time recreating houses on his computer and pick up the hobby of completing puzzles of pictures of buildings.

    nice build

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