When Hearthstone Revenge Goes Perfectly

Behold, one of the funniest Hearthstone matches I've seen in a long time, thanks to an insane new Goblins vs Gnomes card that puts a friggin' landmine in one player's deck.

Let's set the scene. At the bottom is infamous YouTuber Totalbiscuit (narrator of the video), who here is trying to put together the insane VOLTRON card with the use of the new legendary Mimiron's Head. Earlier in the match, Totalbiscuit had played an Iron Juggernaut.

Revenge is so sweet.


    Sad how TB is now considered infamous for his stances in recent months.


        Well such comments like how he thinks the death threats against Anita Sarkeesian have no merit because she's still alive.

          To be fair TB has stated that he receives death threats on an almost daily basis. The difference is he follows the FBI guidelines on such things, like not publicising the threat.

    thats an extremely oversimplified version of his posts, the truth is far more complicated, TB is one of those most patient, well spoken and interesting gamers out there.

    This guy sounds like a bit of a douche, going off, swearing at his opponent and calling them an asshole, douchebag, piece of shit ... all for just having the audacity to, y'know, attempt to win.

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