$400 Version Of Borderlands New-Gen Port Will Get You Your Own Claptrap

$US400 Version of Borderlands New-Gen Port Will Get You Your Own Claptrap

Just announced today, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will come with many fine things, graphically improved versions of Borderlands 2 and last year's The Pre-Sequel among them. But, if you don't mind missing out on a few bill payments, you can get a talking, remote-controlled Claptrap in a collector's edition.

The Handsome Collection bundles together new-gen versions of the last two Borderlands games for the Xbox One and PS4, along with all the DLC for those games. Out on March 24 in the US and March 27 everywhere else, it will also have four-player splitscreen for folks who dig that sort of thing. Sadly, the Handsome Collection won't include the game that kicked all that irresistible gun-collecting, which means you'll have to hold onto whatever version of Borderlands 1 you might own if you want to re-visit that game.

For those who've built up a lot of progress on the last-gen versions of the two games, you'll be able to carry those over to the Handsome Collection via cross-save functionality. And about that collector's edition, here's what it comes with, per today's press release:

...the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition, which will include everything in The Handsome Collection as well as a remote controlled Claptrap steward robot, a collectible steel case, and12 exclusive lithographs. The Claptrap steward robot is controlled through a smartphone app and can move in all directions while balancing on one wheel. The Claptrap can also say lines in character and live stream video to a mobile device through his eye. The Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition is limited to only 5,000 units worldwide and is available to pre-order starting today at participating retailers for $US399.


    It's probably wortg buying just to sell later on for an inflated price.

      Preorder for $400 sell preorder for $1000 like all the majoras mask new 3ds preorders on ebay

      My wife picked up the Loot Chest from EB late in the day and there was people hanging outside waiting for her and started offering her $800 for it.

      In hindsight we should have taken it up.

        I would have flogged it on the spot haha.

    Remember the $200 version of Borderlands 2 that came with the plasticky loot chest?

    So just to clarify, this collection is for consoles only. There is no PC version, correct?

      Yes, the PC versions don't need any graphical improvements, they're still be far beyond even these next-gen console versions.

    My wife is a huge Borderlands fan and we don't have the pre-sequel yet.

    I better not let her see this...

    I'm guessing around $549-$599 at EB Games if/when it is put up. A bit too rich for my liking, particularly as the prototype did nothing but roll around and spout quotes. Now if the arms were movable and the wheel extended and retracted so that he ACTUALLY danced when he said 'I'm dancing!' then I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

      Yeah, I am really skeptical of the actual quality of the final product. Ive been suckered into getting these expensive editions to find that the included model or gadget was actually very cheaply built. I agree, a claptrap that was actually animated a bit (body parts, flaps, or whatever) and had personality (like the dancing) would definitely interest me more.

    Oh, they're releasing the pre-sequel on current consoles? I. Am. Shocked.

    No, wait. Unsuprised. Yeah, that's the one.

      Seems it's the main usage of 'next gen' consoles. Reselling last gen to us all over again. Frustrating.

    meh, I've got 1&2 on PC so I'm not too.......WOAH! did you say 4-player splitscreen?!?!?!?!

    **insert obligatory shut up and take my money meme here**

      pretty much the same reaction here. I own borderlands 1,2 the pre-sequel and all dlc already on the 360 so was like meh. But when I saw the 4 player splitscreen I I was throwing money at the screen

        As a man bought up on the glory days of split-screen (screen watching FTW!) and watching it die a very slow painful death; this should be the highlight and title of the story.

    Coincidently (and in no way related to this), I'm selling a rarely used kidney. Anyone need one?

    Thays because scalpers pcked up 2+ at a time via amazon because they have no real decent system in place to prevent it. Give up looking because it will be an expensive endeavour.

    Unless you guys are EB World Level 4 Members. You will be unable to get this version without shipping it from somewhere overseas.
    Even then you have to enter into a Competition for the privilege to BUY the damn thing for $499

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