Win! A Life-Sized Borderlands Claptrap Worth $7,500

Seriously, this thing is amazing. It's been valued at $7,500. Yeah. It's a big deal. It has a built in, head-mounted esky for god's sake!

Okay here's the deal: this is a ye-olde Microsoft Paint competition. Claptrap is a well-known video game sidekick but we reckon it's time that Claptrap himself had his very own sidekick. A sidekick for the sidekick if you will.

What we want you to do is simple: we want you to design a Claptrap sidekick using ONLY Microsoft Paint.

There will only be one winner and they'll receive the following:

— The afore-mentioned Claptrap replica, valued at $7,500 — One copy of the game itself, the Claptrap-in-a-Box edition, which is completely sold-out and worth around $500. You can choose either the PS4 or the Xbox One version.

Basically this is one of the most high value competitions we've ever done.

All bets are off. Creativity will win the day. I know what you're thinking: one of those insane artist-types who reads Kotaku is going to come in and blow everyone out of the water. Yes. Maybe. But if you've paid attention to any of Kotaku's previous competitions, you'll know that a really cool idea will always win over a supremely well-executed mediocre idea.

My point: even if you are a bad artist you are still in with a chance. Don't let that stop you.

Big thanks to 2K Australia for offering up this prize in celebration of the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Drop your entries in the comments below. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Edit: there was a mistake in the initial Terms & Conditions, the competition closes on March 26 giving you a week to enter!


    Post for competition posted today 19th March 2015
    Competition closes tomorrow 20th March 2015 but according to T&C's it has been open since 13th March 2015.

    You better be quick with that MS-Paint paintbrush, people!

      Good spot. Competition closes at 10AM tomorrow.
      Also no mention of the 'Claptrap-in-a-Box' edition of the game. Only prize is the big $7.5k thing.

        They changed the T's&C's sneakily!

          Hmmm... Judging date not fixed, prize doesn't mention the $500 game, changing the start time to 3pm at least hasn't invalidated any entries since the first was 3.41pm.

    Done: 21/03/2015 :D

    So it seems a one wheel'd robot needs a new minion?

    Well I've got something in store for you! It'll let you reach the highest and low's of any complex, you'll stand tall and rule over those dreadful things that stop you in your path!

    Mr Claptrap, my friend, I present you a gift of you wildest dreams!

    THE STAIR ASSISTANT 2000! No need to be afraid of those stair any more! Stair Assistant will be at your side whenever you need! Equipped with retractable thrusters, the Stair Assistant will be able to reach you no matter where you are in Pandora and help you defeat the all mighty stairs!

    but there's just one small problem......

    Last edited 21/03/15 10:09 am

    $7500 be damned, I'd have trouble resisting smashing that thing to bits. Might be in the minority here but I can't stand Claptrap, worst part of the Borderlands games. Beyond annoying.

    With no time to get this done, this competition is NSFW!!

    Have to do this without the boss noticing.

    it’s time that Claptrap himself had his very own sidekick. A sidekick for the sidekick if you will.*cough*Minitrap*cough*

    Here's my entry, drawn in MS Paint using the mouse only -

    Meet Claptrap with... WHEELIE THE SPINNER.

    "Wheelie the Spinner is Claptrap's beloved new companion, who follows Claptrap everywhere! The pair are inseparable! It's so adorable that Claptrap finally has a friend who's actually willing to spend some time with him!

    Make no mistake, Wheelie the Spinner might be a cute and cuddly worn out tyre from an old abandoned car that was covered in blood and human remains (how that happened is irrelevant) but if anyone, ANYONE tries to hurt dear old Claptrap, Wheelie will be there, bringing down his rubbery wrath upon the foolish wrong doers of Claptrap."

    Good luck to everyone with their entries! :)

    If my link doesn't work, someone please let me know as soon as they can so I can rectify the issue if necessary. :)

    Last edited 19/03/15 3:42 pm

      Link works. Looking so much better than mine.

        Thanks for checking it out man, I appreciate it.

        I'm sure yours will be fine. Just do your best! You've got until tomorrow. :)

      Well damn.. I just sketched my drawing in my lunch break.. Yours actually made me think it was done by the Borderlands team. Nice work!

        I'm not sure if you were referring to mine but if you were... thank you! That means a lot. :)

          Yes mate.. I was referring to yours.. Given how Borderlands is.. It made me think that this is something that would actually be in the game.

          My attempt is pretty bad in comparison.. lol

            Thanks man, I appreciate the kind, positive words. Really does mean a lot to me. :)

            I just looked at your entry and I like it! Don't bash yourself on it. I like the idea and concept of that evil spider (I have slight arachnophobia so yeah, evil spider)... it makes sense for Claptrap to have an equally twisted friend as his ally.

            Great work - and good luck. :)

            Last edited 19/03/15 4:44 pm

    I feel sorry for anyone on mac, because they can't enter this competition.

    This, my friends, is The Scholar. And yes, he is a gentleman and a scholar.

    A mechanical spider sized friend who corrects Claptraps grammar, punctuation and speech. He's also small enough to literally be the devil on Claptraps shoulder, whispering cunningly evil ideas for world domination. Alas, just like Pinky and the Brain, they never succeed and always land back on the trash heap.


    I'm by far no artist and in fact, terrible at drawing but hey.. Why not give it a shot?

      In all reality.. I think Claptrap should befriend the little robot from 'Machinarium'.. He'd make an excellent friend.

    Well since my previous minion is too busy playing Dungeons & Dragons I decided to create a minion myself, Which had nothing to do with the fact that no one else would be my minion... I salvaged all the parts from other Claptraps, including his robo-brain. In order to create MINION 2.0, look at him isn't he amazing. PERFECTLY ENGINEERED TO DROP SWEET DUBSTEP BEATS AND SICK DANCE MOVES. Aww I'm finally happy.


    Drawn in MS Paint completely by mouse.. Gah I miss photoshop already.

    May i introduce CLUCK-TRAP.......

    There's only 2 things Cluck-trap loves....Pressing Buttons and Corn...

    Why should CL4P-TP have to press buttons when he can get a chicken to do it for him..


    Last edited 19/03/15 4:41 pm

    Hey, don't often post around here, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this!

    So here's my entry for the comp...SKRILLTRAP!
    Perfect for Claptrap's adventures around Pandora!

    Obviously I'm a horrible artist, but gave it a go anyway.

    Fingers crossed!
    PS. Could someone let me know if this link and comment made it through? Thanks!

    Done. Didn't even get busted by the boss.

    "Turb-Tle the Turtle, the first force induction reptile to roam the lands. Featuring two Turbo Chargers and a sweet exhaust system, your bound to hear this bad boy chargin at you with the force of a thousand suns."

    Hopefully the link works.

      Your link works man.

      Haha! That looks hilarious! Very twisted, I love it. :)

      Good luck!

    Didn't see the updated finish date, but I continued going with it anyway!

    I introduce, ServantBot. He was hand stolen, painted and occasionally used by Claptrap as a Megaphone. Claptrap has no clue how to keep a pet, let alone a machine that needs things like oil and repairs, but he makes do with rain and duct tape :)

    "Hello Humans! I've noticed that in my attempts to tell you what you should be doing, meatbags cover their ears and run for cover! I've had to "hire" an assistant with additional audiotorial accessories!"

      Haha! That's a good one too. A very twisted "wtf" design, very Borderlands in my opinion. Nice work and good luck! :)

        Cheers mate, For some reason I was thinking about a Turbo'd Turtle and then this competition came up and I was set.

        Replied to the wrong comment.

        Last edited 19/03/15 5:09 pm

    First of all I just want to say that I'm no artist but I think you get the basic idea from the drawing.

    I figured that the only way Claptrap could have a sidekick would be if it physically couldn't run away from him and if it was something that he'd made from stuff that was lying around.

    This was my creation:

    Basically it's a boot that's been propped on a mop and then tied down to a skateboard for portability. The stereo is there so claptrap can record his own voice and then have conversations with it while he plays it back. because I figured that'd be something he'd do.

    New from Hyperion, meet M1N10N.

    M1N10N is the perfect crudely designed complement to your existing CL4P-TP unit, being small enough to go into those little places the CL4P-TP cannot.

    M1N10N comes equipped with two physical modes and 4 personality modes.

    In "Utility" mode as shown in the artists rendition (disclaimer image may have been prepared by a drunken Bullymong) M1N10N rolls around on a tri-wheel system, with retractable arms and exposed facial plate, ready to perform any task assigned.

    In "Football" mode (soccer mode in selected markets) the M1N10N retracts its wheels, arms and covers its face plate; rolling about at higher speeds (we saw it over take a lame duck once), and as the name suggests is fully kickable to get it to those hard to reach places.

    Both modes have access to the skag distraction system (it fires tennis balls from its top!) and the core recovery system (it poops its brains out, literally!)

    To improve efficiency me have utilised multiple personality cores each specialising in specific task sets; the four modes are.

    H4RDcore: the strength core, deploy for tasks involving combat, defence, brute force or bro-like situations.

    coreD1VA: the personable core, useful whenever you require M1N10N to interact with people, robots or act as wildlife bait ( they love M1N10N they really do!)

    coreH013: the most intelligent and strategic core but is a bit of a dick (what, were you expecting a clever comment?)

    and lastly The Roulette System, which auto selects the appropriate core for the task at hand (or completely at random, were not quite sure)

    All M1N10Ns come with an Asswards arrow decal and a Radioactive Reminder decal, to let all know you are kicking an Atomic bomb! (what a Badass you are!!!)

    Order yours today, first 1000 M1N10Ns sold receive a bonus B4N4N4 chip, unlocking a bonus programmable MONKEYcore (Monkey see, monkey have been warned).

    Last edited 19/03/15 6:14 pm

    So am I disqualified if my brother used to work at 2K? Or if I did?

    Whatever, I made this anyway:

    I present to you, Ms. Delilah Petticoats! Clap Trap yearns for the affections of this beautiful Southern flower, but her high-society upbringing has kept her at arms length so far ...

      Hahaha, I almost did that for mine! Also holy crap, there's like a million entries here that weren't around when I posted mine up, must've all been waiting in moderation.

    Claptrap decided he wanted a sidekick, so he bought a small child off some locals. If he has a name Claptrap doesn't know it.

    Here is my entry, what better sidekick for Claptrap than Poppycock, Colonel Poppycock...

    Here is my Entry, a Perfect minion for clap-trap... the Nutt Stallion

    i even created a back story and crappy comic strip of sorts for him...

    i like to think that Clap Trap being Clap Trap was such a nuisance that Tiny Tina decided to create a friend of sorts to distract him out of loose nuts and bolts around Pandora and he was inspired by Handsome Jacks original Butt Stallion...(Nutt Stallion is 100% not alive, he does have some lights for eyes...) i could really imagine this guy fitting into the game and clap trap giving you quests to get him (Nutt Stallion) actually functional somehow...

    Last edited 20/03/15 2:36 am

    what about and XB1 Claptrap omg

    Last edited 20/03/15 4:23 am

    Here we go wish me luck I'm in i call this ClapTrap XB1 Sidekick in the park

    Here's my entry; i call him.... "Clurp Chirp". Need i say more?

      I really like this design!
      This is a great design, man!

    I like the idea that Claptrap would just decide to invent himself a sidekick. And then play out that role in an ongoing act of ventriloquism.

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