Are You Still Playing GTA Online?

Are You Still Playing GTA Online?

If you own GTA V, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time playing it… in single-player, anyway. But are you playing GTA Online?

Rockstar’s multiplayer version of Los Santos is a weird and wooly place, and requires a pretty steep time commitment, at least at first. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had, if you find the right group to play with.

Anyway, poll time:

If you do regularly play, how do you like it? I’m considering getting more into it, particularly given that heists are finally coming to the game, and I’m curious how everyone’s finding it these days.


    • Yeah. This poll needs a “I’m still waiting for PC release”

      I had it on 360 but sold that a while back

      • I have it on 360, I find manual aiming incredibly hard, which made missions difficult/not fun.

        I think if I had a group of friends to play with I’d be playing a fair bit, rather than the few days I did (missing out on the payouts from the outages didn’t help, much annoyance)

        • Yeah manual aiming on console was a whole lot of guessing when in cover haha. Will be so much better on PC if R* manage Triple-A mouse aiming (See: Battlefield. Not: Far Cry 3)

          Open-world first-person shooter with vehicle mechanics that don’t requires clunky UI commands (hello ARMA 3)? HELL YES I WILL PLEASE.

          • Also waiting for PC release. Mouse aim and payment free multiplayer (unless you count internet fees).

  • I play GTA Online everyday. Must be getting close to 900 hours (360 and x1 combined). Just wish there was another garage slot, 20 cars is nowhere near enough.

    EDIT: Will buy the pc edition for mods.

  • PC gamer so i”m waiting… but in the mean time I’m replaying San Andres.

    I love that PC’s have no limits on backwards compatibly…

  • I bought it on 360, and was enjoying it so much that I bought it again on Xbox One, and I’ve yet to even touch the single player campaign on the Xbone version. I still play it online regularly with friends and most of the time its not with any real goal in mind. Rarely we’ll take on missions (unless someone is desperate for cash). It’s usually just roaming the city, talking shit, causing carnage, and laughing a hell of a lot – I’ve never recorded as many gameplay clips on my Xbox One as I have with that game.

  • Eh, I bought it on both 360 and the xbone, although destiny’s been sucking most of my videogaming time and most of the people I play with seem to have gone off of gta until heists are added, then they’ll play for a week or fortnight and then never play it again

  • I play it now and then with friends. We all agree that the main thing killing the fun are those long load times. Apart from that its pretty fun just dicking around.

  • Almost every night, currently stacking up my cash for PC heists.

    I actually think there’s a story not being told regarding the whitewashing of user comments on the Rockstar Newswire, if you write anything at all negative, no matter how relevant and polite, if it’s criticism it will get removed, probably get you a week long ban from posting to the Newswire and then for the future all of your posts will need to be approved, and again if they are critical they will never get approved, regardless of how calm and rational your criticism is.

    Seems really weird for a company that has revelled in bad publicity over the years to be so concerned about people being critical of their news posts….

    I literally posted on the PC delay thread that I was ‘really disappointed and had been counting down the days as friends and I looked forward to playing it’ and that was refused moderator approval.

  • Played it for a few months on PS3 then went to something new when the South American players kept choosing the same mission EVERY time.

    • R* fixed that by improving payouts across the board. I’ve only done Rooftop Rumble a handful of times since.

  • I play maybe once a week but its in a private session because the normal public ones take so damn long to load and then I end up getting kicked or dropped anyway. I only have one mate who plays it anymore. On 360 we had a big group who would play almost every day/weekend and even though a lot of them have the new Xbone version they never play it.

    Kinda disappointing because its an amazingly fun game when you have some people to play with.

  • I stopped playing Single player when online launched. Since then, I’ve played online atleast 3-4 times a week.
    It’s just such an amazing sandbox, so much detail, so many ways to dick around, it’s great!

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