Artist Creates Monument Valley-Inspired Alphabet

Guess it's just one of those Monument Valley weekends! This time around it's art, not business; so taken by the rather popular puzzle game, Spanish designer Claudia Mussett decided to craft a self-described "typographic tribute" to ustwogame's title.

The style of flat colours and simple shading is faithful to the game, even keeping with the optical illusion "look".

John Brownlee at Co.Design hit up the developer for its opinion on Mussett's work. Yep, it thinks it's grouse:

"We all love Claudia Mussett's alphabet!" says Ken Wong, Monument Valley's designer. "We can clearly recognize which level each glyph is based on. Some are even based on levels that only appeared in the game's beta version, it's trailers, and the concept art. Looking over the alphabet brings back fond memories of the game's development."

Monument Valley inspired alphabet [, via Co.Design]

Images: Claudia Mussett


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