Cards Against Humanity, As Played By The Ladies Of Downton Abbey

People in Downton Abbey like games, right? I'm sure that drawing room has played host to many a game of Bridge and Blind Man's Bluff — but Cards Against Humanity? That might have been a bit before their time. Regardless, Entertainment Weekly has a brilliant video of the actresses who play Lady Edith, Mrs. Patmore, and Mrs. Hughes playing Cards Against Humanity. It's brilliant.


Probably something along the lines of...


    Oh man, its so weird to see Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes in non period clothing!!! I love it!

    Man, another half year till the next season *cry*

    Just because everyone has a Cards Against Humanity story:

    Black card - The National Museum of Australia has created this interactive display to help improve attendance.

    White care - Glassing wankers.

    The Aussie version definitely makes the game better (if you're Aussie, naturally).

      The white card 'Incest.' is a great answer to that card.

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