Dark Souls Most Memorable Song Re-Imagined As Smooth, Smooth Jazz

Many love the Firelink Shrine music in Dark Souls. I also love it, but my favourite track might be the surprisingly sombre piano track that plays as you do battle with Gwyn, the game's final (super difficult) boss. Someone has released an amazing Jazz-inspired cover of the track and by God is it ever smooth.

It's actually properly fantastic. If you're one of the elite tribe who saw Dark Souls all the way through to the final credits, you are going to love this. I all but guarantee it.

I've always loved the Gwyn battle soundtrack. Mainly because it's so subversive. After hours of bombastic boss music, the jarring switch is genius. The music is sombre. It reflects the grim, decaying hollow nature of the Dark Souls universe. It also echoes the feelings of most players. You are close to the end. This is the end. The journey is almost over. Such a great track, and such a great cover.


    That's pretty sweet. But super difficult? Please tell me that you knew how to parry by that point!

    I highly recommend giving Alex Roe's stuff a look! He's done a ton of amazing Dark/Demons Souls arrangements:


    Funnily enough, I now feel very similarly about the Majula music as I did for Firelink. It took a while, but once a place becomes 'home'...

    Sounds like it could be in a Professor Layton game.

    This would be good if they were in time, the sax is slightly out with the piano most of the time. Makes it really hard to listen to. but an OK try, I wouldn't have published it though....

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