Delayed Assassin's Creed Unity DLC Out Mid-January

Dead Kings, the formerly for-pay expansion to Assassin's Creed Unity, will be released for free for all ACU players on January 13, according to a new trailer from publisher Ubisoft. But... the YouTube description initially mentioned December 16. Hmm.

Delayed Assassin's Creed Unity DLC Out Mid-January

Was December 16 the original release date?

Ubisoft did seem to put the brakes on promoting Dead Kings while focusing on Unity's post-release bugs. It switched to a plan to offer Dead Kings for free as an apology to gamers regarding Unity's flawed launch.

Shaky as Unity has been, Dead Kings could still be something special. As announced several months ago, it was in development at Ubisoft Montpellier, a Ubi studio responsible for such critically well-received games as Rayman Origins and ZombiU.

Promotional material for Dead Kings pegged the DLC as offering "over five hours of extra gameplay" in an adventure set in Saint-Denis in 1794, with ACU hero Arno exploring "the dark depths of this cursed town." We've been asking Ubisoft if this all adds up to Dead Kings being the work of the ZombiU team, but they haven't said so. If they update us about the DLC or about the nature of that December date, we'll let you know.


    What does it matter if they originally had it down for release on the 16th of December? It's now the 6th of January, DLC should be available now. It won't be the first time something in this industry has been delayed or something has been overlooked in a social media announcement.

    Is Unity actually worth getting yet though? Yeah, bugs and everything, but is it in a more playable state right now?

      I found it playable on launch day, on Xbone anyway. I finished the game and had a pretty good time with it. Laggy and lots of problems, but still enjoyable on the whole. I'd give it a 7.5. I've also since gotten it for PC for free with a new GPU and I've had no real game-breaking issues with that platform either.

    Game has had the DLC items in it for some time now. Fairly sure I've actually had to download it to some degree. Downloaded a really big patch and after it there was a new. Map icon and it showed me the new gear and weapons, all locked though.

    They shouldn't release anything until they fix the game.

    They broke SLI on the last patch. So where some could manage good frames at high resolution in SLI. It now takes a massive hit running on one card.

    There's still all sorts of glitches and bugs.

    I want to play, liked what I did but it's not playable currently.

    Unity is just so damn boring for me, especially after playing both Black Flag and Rogue prior... Gosh, it's just so boring...

    This game was playable for me on launch day on PS4. Only fell through the floor twice. I got platinum and put in hours and hours of gameplay. I think people went way over board on the complaining. If you havent played this game. I highly recommend it.

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