Five Years Later, Fallout: New Vegas Is Still Getting Great Mods

Five Years Later, Fallout: New Vegas Is Still Getting Great Mods

Modding communities are odd. Some dogpile on a game, try to build Rome in a day, get discouraged/bored and leave. Others stick with the same game for years, feeding it a steady diet of tweaks and changes, eventually transforming it into something entirely different. Fallout: New Vegas is the latter.

Here's SkyttsTV running through ten of the best Fallout: New Vegas mods from last year, making all of them pretty recent. It's a damn impressive collection, too — ranging from a Titan (as in, from Titanfall) in the game to a new companion complete with her own quests to redesigns of hundreds of characters. Oh, and there's a mod that lets you become a post-apocalyptic boxing champion, aka my dream career.

Here's the full list:

TitanFallout - Hopper31, dragbody

Weapons of the New Millenia, Millenia, Naky, many others

New Vegas - Enhanced Camera - LogicDragon

Vanessa - GePalladium

King of the Ring - Someguy

EWIs Big Texture Pack Ultimate Edition - ewi65

Nipton Rebuilt - Jokerine

War Trash - Quest Mod - Josh Griffiths

Coito Ergo Sum - Belthan (NSFW)

New Vegas Redesigned 3 - Dracomies, Weijiesen

On top of all that, Kirk wrote a guide to modding the Wasteland pretty a while back. Obviously, however, a lot has changed. What's your favourite Fallout: New Vegas mod of recent times? Which ones do you consider absolutely essential?


    Man, I had so much trouble getting FO:NV to run with any mods installed. Even the vanilla game was problematic on my newly build rig. Maybe I should try again.

      Tazza - when you do get it working - totally worth it! The modded game is so much more than the original...

    The one Mod I would say is most essential is Project Nevada. It improves multiple aspects of the game at once, its one that I now couldn't play without. I also use my own Lucky 38 house mod and I've got retextures of almost everything in the game. It doesn't look like a game made on 7 year old software anymore.

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