Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an Ultra HD monitor since toying around with the enhanced resolution early last year. With the release of the first 4K screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, the time for toying is over.

Along with the unfortunate delay and system specs, Rockstar also released a set of gorgeous 3840 x 2160 screenshots of a game that looks well worth waiting for. To get the full effect you’ll need to click the magnifying glass in the top left corner of the image, then right-click the open image and open it in a new tab or window.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

For a better sense of scale, here’s a 1920 x 1080 selection from the same screen.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

Coupled with some impressive draw distance, this shot of Los Santos sprawling out from behind the Vinewood sign is simply breathtaking.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

And with 4K resolution, Rockstar can finally fit all of Trevor’s crazy in a single screenshot.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

Mind you, upgrading to 4K is still a pretty pricey proposition. Despite falling monitor prices — the Philips Brilliance 28 inch I’ve been eyeing is nearly down to $US600 — you’re still going to need some beefy video cards to handle this much pretty at such a high resolution. I’ve got a pair of Nvidia Geforce GTX 980s that should do the trick nicely, but they currently run $US550 or so apiece.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

With tax returns coming I should be able to swing the Philips. And if not, Grand Theft Auto V PC also supports up to triple monitor configurations. If all else fails, line your gaming room with less expensive monitors.

Grand Theft Auto V Just Sold Me On A 4K Ultra HD Monitor

Who’s with me?


  • 4k is the best thing to come along to PC in ages.
    I got mine 7 months ago when 970s 980s were not out yet so I settled with a 770 in the hope of upgrading later… and thus get 20-50fps as a result.
    I’m waiting for the specific GPUs that cater for 4k with enough pipes CUDAs ect ect to cater for the high resolution.
    With all the 4k and even 8k goodness at CES expo I think video cards are going to be playing catch up with more and more people getting 4k even on a budget.
    One video card doing 60fps @ 4k is all i ask I dont care if its $800 i will buy it for the beauty of it.

    Sadly 4k video sources are minimal and 50gigs a movie at that. streaming on youtube or netflix is not accessible yet because i only have 1.5MBytes down. Torrent providers are prolly the best source of 4k video at the moment. One movie a month so as not to hit your cap

    also games have to fully be supported at 4k, 75% of the games i play crash to desktop when you go a high res… the other maybe the mouse is too small or the ui too small and even effects your mouse speed across the screen

    • “One video card doing 60fps @ 4k is all i ask I dont care if its $800 i will buy it for the beauty of it.” Maxed at that res I doubt it would be under $1500.

      • The closest thing to that which is available now is the 295×2 (which is a dual card anyway) and they go for about 1000USD

      • I agree, I doubt it would be under two grand. A pair of 980 cards don’t cut it, and you would want 6B or 8GB on a single card to do it, or 12GB/16GB on a dual core card, that gets expensive fast.

    • Id put a lot of money on the crashes being caused by the 770s memory, not the games themselves. 2GB cards don’t work well for anything over 1080p, and even the 4GB models of the GK104 cards are too limited by the bus to make a significant difference over the 2GB models.

      For UHD gaming AMD is looking to be the better brand at least for the near future as the 380x/390x will be coming out in the next couple months which will have a much beefier memory system than even the Maxwell cards. If you want to go Nvidia I would wait until big boy Maxwell comes out later this year.

    • How is the 4K the best thing to happen to PC in ages??? 4K is good for your media room but it does not add anything to PC gaming experience.

  • I play DayZ SA in 4K on my 65inch Sony 4K TV, cant fault it and it looks Amazing 🙂 All setting set to Ultra. The 24 FPS max is the only downside.

  • I really want to get one of those 21:9 34 inch monitors, but on top of the $1600+ I’d need to get a new GPU or two, and it’ll be quickly superseded by new HDMI and G-sync/open source equivalents. I just can’t justify it.

  • I don’t want to take away from this cos its kinda cool… but is this sort of resolution really necessary? Like is it worth you spending thousands of dollars on? I find I get used to better graphics pretty quickly.

    Maybe I’m wrong…

  • I’ve got a maxxed out Z97 iTX build with a 4790K, H100i, 16GB of RAM, 256GB Samsung 850 Pro and a 600 watt power supply. I have a 750 Ti as my card until the first truly 4K ready GPU comes out. I’m hoping for a 990.

    • Lets say the jump from a 980 to a 990 is a 30-40% increase. It may be if we are lucky. Then it is likely still not enough to run something such as GTA V maxed out at 60fps. 2 of them probably but that would also likely be up around the $2k mark.
      4k is amazing but the power needed to run new games at 4k maxed is just ridiculous.

  • 1440p is the sweet spot in my opinion, it provides a cripsp image and allows you to bump it up to ultra with a decent current gen gpu…

  • These screen grabs look like every other rendered image released prior. I call shenanigans until I see it for myself.

  • 4k looks great, no denying that, but as with any newish tech it’s just too expensive for most to justify. Same deal with 1080p in it’s early days. I suppose we are forever doomed to only experiencing truly next gen tech once the sucessive generation of tech is born.

    It was only 3 years ago that I bought my second 42″ 1080P LED TV. Started using HDMI about 6 years ago on my 32″ 720p Panasonic LCD lol. Also had a digital set top box the year before. Ahhh memories lol. Now we’re going into 4k just as I’ve comfortably started taking 1080 games and movies for granted.

    O well, GTA V on PS4 is still awesome. Not 4k awesome but awesome none the less lol

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