Judge GTA IV's Graphics Against GTA V's With These Incredibly Accurate Screenshot Comparisons

Who would go through such a painstaking process to recreate the poses and action of some of Grand Theft Auto V's screenshots, courtesy of Game Informer? RomanBOY123 would, apparently.

He put GTA IV on max settings on his PC (1920x1080 resolution, with HD tree mods) and came up with some amazingly accurate screenshots to match those of GTA V's. Check out one of them above by using the slider the reveal more of each. GTA IV is on the left, while GTA V is on the right.

Be sure to hit the GTA forums to see the rest of them, because they're truly well done.

GTA IV vs GTA V graphics comparision [GTA Forums via Reddit]


    They were both taken from a pc, so they both look beautiful. I'd hate to see what the console version looks like compared with this.

      It's not even confirmed in development for PC yet, they aren't PC shots, although they would have been touched up for removal of jaggies and what not, standard treatment for promotional screenies.

    GTA IV was taken from a PC, GTA V is only being developed on console at the moment so that is the console version of GTA V.

    The characters don't look like condoms stuffed full of wax anymore, that's the most significant graphical improvement.

    Awww yeahhh! Drive-By's in Los Santos!

    Going through the screens it's clear that GTA5 is going to be a whole lot prettier.

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