Insane WoW Player Reaches Max Level With 100 Characters

Insane WoW Player Reaches Max Level With 100 Characters

If you've played Warlords of Draenor, you might already have a maxed out level 100 character, or even two. Or you might have a few alts gaining levels slowly. But definitely not 100. Well, one player called Watola didn't stop with one, and actually levelled up 100 characters on two accounts in almost 1200 days.

First you might think he did this by abusing some exploit, multiboxing or using bots, but Watola explains his method in this lengthy forum post, and even folks from Blizzard chime in:

Last night I finally completed my goal of 100 level 100s. I started this project near the end of Mists of Pandaria, at the time of starting I had already levelled around 20 characters to max level so another 80 didn't seem that extreme.

Insane WoW Player Reaches Max Level With 100 Characters

I love how casually he says "another 80 didn't seem that extreme". And how he blindly jumped into Warlords of Draenor which raised the level cap from 90 to 100.

I didn't see much of beta, and there were no good videos on garrison information (the details that mattered to me) so I was pretty much going into Warlords blind, with no real strategy on what the best way to level was. I quickly found the "breakpoints" for garrisons, level 90 and a half to get your garrison, level 92 for the mine and profession buildings, level 96 for the herb garden, and level 100 for level 3 garrison, so this was basically my levelling breakpoints, with an added one at 98 for rested exp building.

Insane WoW Player Reaches Max Level With 100 Characters

I did approximately 460 levels in 16 days. My levelling was primarily done via questing and the gathering of treasures; mission experience played a huge role in rounding out the experience so that I could be stricter on my questing paths.

My view on levelling this expansion is that it is almost perfect. I feel as if there should be more choice in the way you level out in the world, however they are on track with bonus objectives and all the treasures. When I was questing 85-90 I was finding myself doing almost the entire zone, at least the major parts of a zone, just to reach the next level bracket. Now I can pick and choose what quests I want to do (assuming rested experience), because of the vast amount of treasures and the huge bonus objective exp.

His entry explaining the whole process is really long, definitely worth reading if you're levelling alts or just want to see all the funny surprised reactions. This is the breakdown, by the way, for the new zones above level 90 and how fast he cleared them. Pretty insane.

Frostfire Ridge - 1 hour and 6 minutes Shadowmoon Valley - 44 minutes

Gorgrond - 42 minutes

Talador - 40 minutes

Spires of Arak - 39 minutes

Nagrand - 30 minutes



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    Clap? Bow?

    Man.... That's just sad.

      Agreed. I love WoW, I think it's a great game, and there are a lot of achievements that are difficult to get that I respect (like 'peaceful' challenges that go to max level without killing a single enemy, or hardcore mode where you delete your character when you die), but this just strikes me as pointless.

      There's no creative challenge being overcome here, it's not a speed run, the leveling wasn't done in a unique way, it's literally just grinding the same content 100 times. There isn't even any benefit to having that many characters, once your class and profession bases are covered the rest is redundant.

      I mean, good for him I guess, he set a goal and achieved it, it just strikes me as an incredibly hollow accomplishment.

        Nailed it. If you're going to waste such a huge chunk of your life then you need to be doing SOMETHING productive.

          Who are you to dictate how people should be spending their time?

            If the guy wants to be an attention seaking moron with too much time who sets out on a pointless goal of looking like a fat lazy shit with no brains you should let him.

              You don't know that he's fat. You just want to love your stereotypes.

            I’m clearly some kind of renegade with the courage and conviction to state my opinion on an internet forum.
            How outrageous! I’m not even going to apologies for it because I think I’m right!

            You might understand one day if you ever have an opinion of your own.


                Ohhhh, that’s deep bro.
                You really skewered me there with your cut and paste argument!

                It’s even almost appropriate to the situation!

                  You still haven't answered who you are to make you think you can govern what people spend their time on. Why must time always be spent doing something productive? And who's to say that what you find productive, others do not and vice versa?

          I completely agree. I mean I grind away at meaningless repetitive tasks every day. It's called work and I get paid to do it. That's why I do it.

          What this guy has done, he can never get those weeks and months back. They're gone forever. To a game. Not a good trade.

            You're making a whole lot of assumptions there. How do you know he doesn't have a job either? How do you know that this trade of hours wasn't worth it for the satisfaction he got from accomplishing something he set out to do? How do you know that this trade of hours wasn't worth it for any enjoyment he got out of playing the game?

              I'm not making any assumptions at all. Reread what I wrote. He can't get that time back. That's not an assumption. That's the truth.

              But I'm really talking about what I think is important in my life than judging him.

              But I don't think it's a long shot to say that he didn't have a lot of hours left over for living. And I still don't think that's a good trade. I lost a lot of my 20s to gaming. And in hindsight, I wish I'd been working on my other hobbies instead. If I'd spent the time I spent on gaming on ANY thing else, I would be one of the best in Australia at it now. And I'd have a skill that I could be paid for. But I chose to spend that time on gaming. I'm not even the best gamer in my suburb! And it doesn't enhance my life in any way. It won't get me a new car, or house or holiday. It's just a way to waste time.

              When it comes down to it, I think if you spend more than 2hrs gaming every day, then you are throwing your life away. You could be meeting a future partner. Or doing something awesome like climbing, or skating, or martial arts. Or you could be working on a business idea that will make you millions.

              Or you can level up another character. I know which one I'd choose.

                You're applying your personal feelings and beliefs onto someone else who may have the complete opposite values to you. So saying that they should be doing something that you believe to be true when they may feel the opposite is just selfish.

                You're similar to those people who are outraged when someone spends $100,000,000 on a house. So what. It's their money, let them do what they want with it. Just because they think it should be spent on donations or put to what they consider to be a better cause does not mean the person spending the money thinks so too.

                  At what point did I say what I thought he should do?

                  Just talking about myself here. Its not judging when you say "i wouldn't do that".

      Sad because he is playing the game the way he wants to enjoy it? How is this any different to mindlessly raiding hours on end?

    The shit bucket is real.

    In saying that, good on them for clearly doing what they love, but at the same time, damn, why you sink so much time into a game!?

    Sometimes I look at all the games I own and look at all the hours I've played counter strike on steam and feel a little like I might be wasting my life and my money little.......this story makes me feel better.

    90 to 100 in 4 hours... It's shit like this which makes me glad I quit this game at New Years.

    I sense a strong bot-script presence ... I assume he played his two accounts at the same time with dual screen.

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