Metal Gear PC Mod Turns People Into Birds 

Metal Gear PC Mod Turns People Into Birds

You know how you can swap Snake's model with Hideo Kojima's in the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes? Well it seems like that trick isn't limited to people.

The video above is what happens when you overwrite the raven models with Kazuhira Miller's (and add Queen.) As reddit commenter Einhander pointed out, it can also used to do the same thing with to rats in the game, with the following results:

Metal Gear PC Mod Turns People Into Birds

Now someone please mod this game so that I can ride Snake like a horse. Thanks in advance.

r/metalgearsolid via Gergo Vas


    And people wonder why some devs are hesitant to bring some games out on PC...

      I think Kojima will be upset because HE didn't think of this. This is right up his alley

      Because mods make games more fun?

      Because elective user generated experiences have no impact on the original game, and that makes devs cry.

      Gtfo if you are not a pc player. We dont need your retarded opinions.

        I do play a PC. I am simply saying that I imagine some Devs would be hesitant to see their hard work pulled apart and mucked around with. Not all, and I don't necessarily agree, bt I could see why they may.

          If it promotes replay value, I think they'd like it, especially for a demo length title like GZ

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