One Of The Best Counter-Strike Teams Practices In A Spooky Mansion

One Of The Best Counter-Strike Teams Practices In A Spooky Mansion

Ninjas in Pyjamas — aka NiP — came so close to pulling off a massive upset and winning last year’s Dream Hack Winter finals that it hurt. But the stinging taste of defeat eventually fades, and I imagine having a rad (though weirdly spooky) mansion to train out of doesn’t hurt.

Pro Counter-Strike teams like NiP pretty much have to practice constantly to keep their skills fade-knife-sharp, and being in close proximity to one another makes that exponentially easier. So, when they’re in bootcamp mode, NiP’s members train and live out of the NiP Mansion in Sweden. The team recently posted a couple videos of their now-infamous lair, revealing a house that’s a) likely bigger than anything any of us will ever own and b) possibly haunted. See for yourself:

NiP has been prepping for this weekend’s MLG X Games Aspen Counter-Strike competition, their big return after a much-deserved post-Dream Hack vacation. This is an especially crucial showing for them, given that Dream Hack was their first major event under new captain Maikelele’s leadership, and they’d only been playing together for a few weeks at that point. The hope is that this time around, we’ll see a much tighter, much more cohesive band of pyjama-clad night assassins. Here’s Maikelele talking about that, as well as his own background in the sport:

So yeah, should be worth tuning in for. Counter-Strike competitions are often nail-biters, and there’s no better place to start than one of the first big ones of the year. Let us just hope that NiP is not plagued by ghastly mansion apparitions seeking vengeance for mortal grievances they forgot centuries ago. I’ve heard those make it kinda hard to play Counter-Strike.

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