PlayStation Now Is Getting Subscriptions In The US

PlayStation Now Is Getting Subscriptions In The US
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PlayStation Now, the exorbitantly expensive service that allows people to rent and play PS3 games on their PlayStation 4s, is finally taking steps to be… well, actually usable.

Today Sony announced a new subscription plan for PlayStation Now that will cost far, far less than renting PS3 games piecemeal. The plan will launch on January 13 for PS4. (Sony says it will come to other platforms later.)

Here’s the full breakdown, via Sony:

Gamers will be able to choose from a monthly subscription plan for $US19.99 per month or a three-month plan for $US44.99, breaking down to about $US15 per month. A free seven-day trial that provides access to all games in the subscription service will also be offered at launch.

Well that’s certainly more reasonable than having to pay $US12 for a week of F1 2013. Maybe now the service will actually be worth using. The catalogue of available PS3 games, while not totally thorough, does have some gems you might have missed last generation. (Full list here.)

We’ll get our hands on this thing when the new model launches next week — in the meantime, here’s the sizzle trailer Sony created for the occasion:


  • This may be a stupid question but do you unlock Trophies when playing games through this service?

    • Yeah, I said all along that the only way this would make sense would be under a Netflix-style subscription model like this. The previous pricing structure was more expensive than actually buying the games.

      • The company that needs to do this is Nintendo – a company whose wealth of games under 1GB is amazing and would basically be a licence to print money

        • The size of the game doesn’t really matter, though, because you’re not downloading it, you’re just streaming it. The issue is more to do with latency, and that’s going to be an issue regardless. But that’ll also be why we’ll probably never see this service in Australia, so it’s really just an academic discussion for us.

          • Yeah streaming is awful and ultimately the reason why PS now will fail – but any Nintendo service would ideally be more like EA Access

  • So it still costs 6x what EA access does for old games? Yea its one publisher and only last years games, but goddamn. No wonder Sony didn’t think EA Access offered enough value for their customers, they needed to jack up the cost!

  • Well we’ll be waiting a long time before Sony gets a clue with pricing as per usual…remember these are US prices so we will be headed for at least 29.95/month taking into account our Sony Australia Tax … Ouch

    Here’s a tip Sony, package it with PS+, movies/TV and get it out before Netflix/Stan etc hit our shores and you have a small differentiator…of course by then you’ll be charging us close to $50 a month…

    • Lol I was just about to post Australians can probably expect to pay $30-$40 a month for the same package.

  • Only worth it when all PS2 & PS1 games are added. My PS3 is still hooked up under my tv and I can probably now buy the vast majority of games for it for less than what will be the price in Australia

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