Sony Announces PlayStation Now, A New Game Streaming Service

Soon, you’ll be able to play top-shelf PS3 games like The Last of Us on tablets and smartphones, thanks to Sony’s newly announced PlayStation Now streaming service. Announced today at the company’s CES keynote, PlayStation Now will let users access Sony’s catalogue of games on any device that connects to the service.

PlayStation Now builds on the 2012 acquisition of the Gaikai game streaming service. Sony exec Andrew House told the CES audience that The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls would be among the first games on the service, which will also offer a subscription-based plan. A closed beta for PlayStation Now would be starting in January, with a planned roll-out happening this summer.

Previous discussions about the PlayStation game streaming service have mentioned that plans are to make the back-catalogues from the PS1 and PS2 eras available along with offerings that debuted on the PS3. A recent patent suggests that Sony may be planning to add trophies to these older titles, too.

Update: Here are the relevant parts from the press release Sony just issued.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 U.S. models of Sony’s BRAVIA® TV*2 lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing users to stream PlayStation games on numerous other Internet-connected devices.

SCE’s vision for PS Now is to enable users to instantly enjoy a wide range of full games on the Internet-connected consumer electronics devices they use every day. The accessibility of PS Now means, for example, that PS4 users in the living room can continue playing a game on a PS3 system in their bedroom. Or PS Vita users can enjoy instant access to a game wherever there’s Wi-Fi connectivity, such as outdoors, then can switch to a supporting BRAVIA® TV’s big screen and play the same game after arriving home.

PS Now will offer choice to gamers with how they want to access content. Gamers can rent by title for specific games they are interested in, or they can choose a subscription that delivers additional value with the ability to explore and play many games available across a wide variety of genres. In addition, the service will support many popular PSNSM features such as online multi-player, Trophies, and messages.

“We are thrilled to deliver entertainment experiences only possible from PlayStation through our new streaming game service,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “PS Now will allow users to engage in the world of PlayStation, whether they’re existing fans or have never owned a PlayStation platform.”

During the 2014 International CES held in Las Vegas from January 7, attendees can visit the Sony booth to have a hands-on experience with the PS Now service for the first time ever. Attendees can enjoy four blockbuster PS3 titles, BEYOND: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us and Puppeteer from SCE Worldwide Studios, on PS Vita or BRAVIA® TV.

Prior to the official launch, SCE will begin a beta program on PS3 systems in certain regions of the United States from the end of January. Additional information about PS Now will be available at


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          • Don’t blame Tony Abbott for dumping the NBN, or the people that voted for Abbott for letting him do it, no that would be dumb.

          • There’s enough people out their already blaming voters for making the choice they did. The reality is that is democracy, not everyone gets what they want, you can’t blame them.

            I just find it disappointing that the Labor party lost site of the ball, and let their great policies fail because they were to busy governing themselves and focusing on who got to wear the captain jersey.

            Can’t blame Tony. He’s doing exactly what he said he would, we knew we wouldn’t like it but Labor failed to make a case for re-election and now here we are getting exactly what we knew we’d get, and disliking it as much as we knew we would.

          • The Coalition are the ones who cancelled the nbn as it was. They are also the party that sold the network with telstra (thus creating the issues we now have) and now want to buy the network back whilst ignoring 1/3 of the country. If you want to blame anyone for the current state of our telco network, blame the Coalition.

      • I wonder if Fraudband will of even been started by the next election? So much for the “but Labors NBN will take too long, liberal will have it done quicker”.

        • Labors NBN would have taken Longer, But we would have been getting Fast Internet Speed, with some places reported to be getting 1GB/sec download speeds.

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          • Yea, give me wireless internet with a ping through the roof. Woo! Latency!

            Wireless internet is already almost as fast as fraudband FTTN, but I’d rather FTTN over that crap. Download speeds and latency aren’t even comparable.

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            Glad someone here places some science behind their opinions and decisions.

            I swear it’s like we are talking with people who believe that the internet is completely comprised of Facebook and Youtube…… Latency? Upstream bandwidth? Geeeerrrrrr……. Naw, we don’t need that now, therefore it will never be necessary.

    • I’m with Telstra so my Internet is saying it is ready for this, but the time will come and it will say ‘Oh man, no I never said that Bro, go back to getting Game Of Thrones… I got dat sh** bro.”

  • requires 5mbps apparently. From the PS Blog:

    We recommend a 5MBPS+ connection. In our internal tests, users with this bandwidth or greater have been enjoying a low latency, high-quality gaming experience. PS Now tests your connection of each game and optimizes for quality if you are above the minimum requirements.

  • I’m assuming that’d be the back-catalogues as on the PS Store or the whole back catalogues? I’ve been wanting to play the original Medal of Honor for nostalgia for a while now but it’s not available here 🙁

  • Not available for PCs…you’d think maybe they’d also include them as a way to make an inroad into the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race – let them use their rigs but charge them for a PS+ account (which I’m presuming will be needed anyway).
    Anyway, this has the potential to be cool, especially if they set up servers in each country/region to minimise the lag.

      • That’s true, although based on Sony’s slow efforts on their Playstation apps, it’s probably going to be iOS and Android only…

        • well, bluestacks is getting better, and yesterdays android/windows hybrid tablets could probs be hack onto another PC so not an issue there

  • Hoping the closed beta will include US PS+ holders so I can see if it is possible to use PS Now in Australia.

  • Question: Would people be happy with paying a slight premium for streaming and download services if it mean it became a tax incentive for NBN infrastructure? I would, but I sure as hell don’t speak for everyone…..

  • So it’ll be like the OnLive consoles? Which only worked in a small minority of USA? What an odd ‘feature’ to implement.

  • Recently got myself a new PS3 to play some exclusives I missed after I sold my old one a while ago and right now I would be saying “DAMN IT I SHOULD HAVE JUST WAITED FOR THIS INSTEAD OF BUYING A PS3!”; but nope, I am sitting here laughing because there is no way in hell I could run something that on my connection…. I imagine it would be a similar situation for a lot of people in this country.

    Will be interesting to see if and how it works here though, especially what the input latency is like….

  • Hahahhahahahah, I still get the NBN, one of the only places because we were halfway in construction as the election took place.

  • This won’t even be released here. Don’t worry guys, there will be no temptation to even bother with this service on our connections.

  • don’t worry about internet speeds I’m yet to find something that says that PlayStation Now will be released in Australia.

  • I live in australia and I signed up for it. Just got an email this morning telling me I was eligible to use it. Downloaded it, it’s all legit, as soon as I go to play they say my internet connection isn’t good enough. I’d say my internet is pretty good too, I average 1-2mbps on average….

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