What About The PlayStation Phone And PSP2, Sony?

What About The PlayStation Phone And PSP2, Sony?

What About The PlayStation Phone And PSP2, Sony? Two notable absences from Sony’s CES 2011 keynote were the long-rumored PlayStation Phone and PSP2. In the question and answer session following the conference, Sony’s head of home electronics Mike Abary gives fans the old no comment.

Abary was fielding questions that poured in from Twitter, Facebook, and the UStream TV chat room that hosted the live broadcast of tonight’s event. A vast majority of the questions revolved around the rumoured PlayStation Phone and PSP2. We were hoping CES would shed a little light on these new products. Apparently we’ll be waiting a little longer.

And dammit, I was 100 percent sure Mike Abary was the next Kato.


  • PSP2 will get unveiled at the same place as most other gaming hardware – E3.

    Lack of PS Phone info is harder to understand, assuming the rumoured release dates are accurate. Perhaps it’s slipping.

    • Call me crazy, but Sony would have been smarted to do one or the other. Don’t see the need for PS Phone and a PSP2.

      • Yeah, I feel the same way. I refuse to carry any more than 1 gadget with me at a time, and my phone is obviously the essential one. So any other functionality needs to fit on the phone or it’ll be left at home.

        But I guess there’s the cost issue. A good smartphone these days costs in excess of $500, and they tend to have relatively modest gaming capabilities compared to what’s being mooted for the PSP2. If you were to take one of those phones and add in the cost of PS3-standard graphics, slide-out gaming controls etc you’d probably be heading north of the $1,000 mark. Which, while it might be good value for what you’re getting, is still a pretty tough sell.

        After the belting they copped over the price of the PS3 and PSPGo, you’d think Sony would be trying to keep the cost down as much as possible.

  • I think there is a market for both…

    The PSP2 will be a complete successor to the PSP, I don’t think there will be anyone that wouldn’t suggest they wouldn’t be interested in one if the price was a lot more competitive this time around and 3rd Party developers got behind it more.

    As for the phone, I don’t see it as a PlayStation phone, but a phone that has some functionality with the PlayStation Network.

    The PS Minis are where I think the aim will be, these will be the “Apps” that you will be looking to buy for your phone. The other rumours of PSone games support from the PS Store would also be a nice bonus. There is no way the Phone will play PSP2/PSP games.

    PS Minis was supposed to get Angry Birds today, but was delayed at the last minute, there is probably nothing suss about the delay, but I can’t fathom how the game would play without a touch screen, it just wouldn’t be the same playing with a D-pad.

    The Phone is basically a not so subtle way of introducing the PS Network to those that might not have a PS3/PSP. Obviously the hope is that as customers start utilising the features of PSN on the phone, learn about the connectivity between the phone, PS3 and PSP2 they will then go out and pick up a PS3/PSP2.

  • I get the vibe that the playstation phone/PSP2 relationship will be similar to the ipod touch/iphone relationship where the PS phone will be a PSP2 with a phone built in.

  • If it wasn’t for Japan i would doubt Sony would even think about making another PSP – because quite frankly it has fallen absolutely flat on it’s face in almost every other region. Sure there are a few good games on the PSP – MGS and GoW were both good on there but other then that i haven’t touched it and i doubt many other people have either. And for what it is going to be based on rumours – if the PSP2 costs more then 3DS it has pretty much lost the battle before the gates even opened.

    • Really not even consider making another? They have over 60 million reasons to make another one.

      The US has sold at least 17 Million, Europe has sold roughly the same or more. Japan would be up near 25 Million. I’m still playing mine now, there are still decent games being released, depending what you are after.

      Can you imagine if the PSP has 2 Analogue Sticks? You can then have proper FPS and TPS games, proper camera control… Portable versions of Uncharted, Infamous, Call Of Duty, they probably won’t beat Nintendo again, but they will take a very large slice of the pie again.

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