Live At Sony's CES 2011 Keynote

What will Sony have for PlayStation 3 and PSP owners at this year's Consumer Electronics Show? What will they have to show off beyond video games? We'll find out at the PlayStation maker's CES 2011 keynote.

Read on for Kotaku's live blog of this year's Sony electronics blowout, which is sure to span movies, music, 3D entertainment, and more, with folks like Sir Howard Stringer and PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai whipping the crowd into a personal electronics buying frenzy.


    I'm hoping they will have google TV via the PS3...

    Hmmm, so no Playstation phone at all then?

    I'm interested in their camera line-up, have already taken the plunge on a 3DTV, so hopefully they will be bringing content and updates...

    I think they wouldn't be saying too much about any new PS brand hardware until it's fully tested.

    The hackers will have put a major delay in anything new released for the moment.

    I would guess most of the ways the hackers have tried would be testing options on the PS3 firmware not real hacks into firmware with out the testing options in them.

    As all this stuff has only come about when the firmware code got leaked so probably people just poking through the firmware for testing stuff

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