Resident Evil Modders Have Removed The Game’s Doors

Resident Evil Modders Have Removed The Game’s Doors

If there’s a new Resident Evil, there will eventually be a mod to remove (or mitigate) the series’ iconic door animations. The latest update to the original game has now joined the club, thanks to a modder named Sectus, allowing people to move from room-to-room a few seconds faster.

One of the most popular Resident Evil mod tools is Fluffy Master 5000, which recently added support for REmake. The tool already allows people to tweak Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil: Revelations. Importantly, it allows you to minimise the door animations:

I love the door animations. They’re a relic, and I don’t blame people for hating them, but slowly waiting for the next area to load is part of the original Resident Evil experience. It builds a sense of dread. Then again, I’m the one advocating for people to ditch the original tank controls in the interest of having a better experience, so maybe my love for slow doors is the nostalgia talking.

There’s good reason to delete them, though. The anxiety doesn’t translate to a second playthrough. If you’re interested in speedrunning the game or unlocking the game’s myriad secrets, the door animations are simply slowing you down. This mod minimizes their impact.

Still! How can you not love this?! This is a game that inspires door animation montages:

Whenever Capcom gets around to announcing the inevitable Resident Evil 7, you can rely on me to get to the heart of the matter with my first question: how are you handling doors in 2015?


  • Wish they would ditch that crappy save system it’s not fun walking around for 45 mins only to have to start from the beginning b

  • Young kids that never played the original does not understand the significance of the door. Oh well. The inevitable mod for Jill Valentine texture featuring bikini and bombshell body will be a thing soon I guess.

    • I don’t think “young kids that never played the original” are the same stereotyped demographic that will also mod the PC version of the game.

      If Capcom weren’t one of the most change resistant companies in the gaming industry they’d probably have added an option to just turn the doors off by now, particularly after the first playthrough. Yes they’re part of the original, yes it would be terrible if they dropped them entirely, but surely you can see the case for them being an annoyance to a lot of people.

      • Then which demographic do you think will use this mod? I doubt anyone that played the original are willing to use this mod.

        But the thing is, have the door loading ever was an issue before? I actually like the door animation. It is what makes RE1, RE1. Take away all the unique elements and all you have just another zombie game.

        • The amount of people who would go out of their way to mod a non-retail (I think?) PC game prior to their 1st playthrough and with no understanding of RE would be extremely small.

          People want this patch because when you’ve played through the game time and time again what was originally a glorified loading screen has now become a pain in the ass.

          If ‘no doors’ was a default mode in the console download version then I might be upset at the “kiddies” not experiencing the game the way it was intended, but it’s a mod. Nobody who doesn’t have a vested interest in getting rid of the doors is ever going to bother downloading and installing it.

          • I get your point but knowing the young gamers that does not have patience, you can be certain that people that never played the game before will fire up the game, play for 30 minutes, then use the mod straight away because it is “too slow”.

            It feels like a completely unnecessary mod. As you said, there are pros in having it but don’t you think/feel it is somehow unnecessary?

  • Nah this isn’t a good thing. Though it may have been due to loading, the door scene was always part of the aesthetic and added to the tension. This is one mod I don’t like.

    • How dare those damn mod’ers create a mod for a PC version of an old game that allows dedicated fans who are sick of watching the same pointless door animation for the millionth time to skip it entirely!

      Seriously, it’s not like they removed it from the console version or turned the door animations ‘off’ by default. It’s not even an option within the regular game!

      If you’ve played through RE 15 years ago (or whenever it was), have played through the Remake and the remake of the remake…. You might want to be able to backtrack from one side of the mansion to the other (as the game sometimes requires) without watching the same door animation 15 times over. I don’t think giving people an option (with a little mod’ing) to skip it is a sin.

        • Look I was a little harsh there, but it’s equally ridiculous to state that this mod is “[not] a good thing”.

          Those doors suck ass after a playthrough or two, when you know what’s on the other side of every door (as a LOT of people do after all these years) and you’re trying to do a speed run or unlock an item.

          It’s a special edition and a remake of a remake, by now Capcom themselves should be offering the RE vets an option to turn off the stupid loading doors at least after the first playthrough of the remade-remake. They go to the effort of putting in crazy modes like invisible zombies and expect people to play through the game enough to beat them but don’t offer a way to skip the (now unnecessary) loading animation that will have been watched a million times already.

          The fact that someone has created a mod to offer PC owning fans who are annoyed enough by the doors that they’re to go to the effort of downloading and installing a way to get rid of them is certainly not a bad thing.

  • Thank goodness, i will whole heartedly use this mod as i became quickly sick to death of all of the loading animations from playing the original =)

  • Someone needs to stand up for the doors and get all the animations together in one long video and make people watch it!

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