Ronin Is A Turn-Based Action Platformer And I Want To Play It Right Now

Ronin Is A Turn-Based Action Platformer And I Want To Play It Right Now

How am I just learning about this game? It looks freakin’ amazing.

Ronin defines itself as a turn-based action platformer. For some reason just the random combination of those genres is enough to get me salivating. Why? Because it’s such an interesting idea. According to the game’s developer Tomasz Waclawek, Ronin is a “Gunpoint ripoff”, but I’m cool with that. It looks smooth, it looks polished. Best of all, it just looks so satisfying, to do anything in this game. Just the trailer was enough to get me super excited for this game.

I love the production values, I love the aesthetic. I look how smooth everything looks. It’s the sort of game you can watch and sort of instantly understand how it’ll play and how fun it’s going to be.

There’s no official release date for Ronin, just a vague ‘2015’. The sooner this game comes out the better.

But if you’re extremely impatient, you can download a free demo of the game from the official website. Go! Go! Go!

Via Eurogamer


  • I remember watching a video of Tom Francis(Gunpoint creator) playing this and he was pretty impressed, didn’t really consider it a ripoff.
    I really like the fight system and the grappling hook thing, both look so sweet in action.

  • and he’s ripped off the music from bladerunner too seemingly

    sorry, ‘was inspired by’…..

    an unfortunate if totally acceptable reality for any medium these days
    1: take someone’s original ideas
    2: subtley change it
    3: profit

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